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Google Launches Persistent Cloud Anchors

Last year, Google previewed persistent Cloud Anchors which can be tied to a specific location and allow information to be permanently overlaid over the real world. With the recent upgrade ARCore 1.20, it has officially launched with a number of apps already taking advantage. Meanwhile, Google has recently showcased Earth Cloud Anchors.
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Augmented Reality Live View In Google Maps Gets An Upgrade

Google is expanding its features within the Live View, the Augmented Reality mode of Google Maps which lets you see directions as visual overlays over the real world through your smartphone camera as information is captured through your mobile camera’s viewfinder. 
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See The Wonders Of The World In Augmented Reality With Google's New Search Tool

Google is expanding their AR offering, with the latest addition to Google Search’s new augmented reality tool. Viewers are now able to have an immersive journey around the world to see the wonders of the world from the comfort of your own home.
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Pin AR Objects With Google’s Instant Motion Tracking

Google has recently announced the release of the ‘Instant Motion Tracking’ solution in MediaPipe, which is built upon the MediaPipe Box Tracking solution previously released. The recent upgrade to the Instant Motion Tracking, now allows users to place virtual 2D and 3D content on static or moving surfaces, which seamlessly interacts with the real world. 
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AR Market Size Projected To Reach $3664.5 Million by 2026

AR technology is still in its infancy in terms of the monumental potential growth it has to offer. This has, in turn, drawn significant investments leading to the development of the industry to push AR technology further than ever predicted. 
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The Jurassic World Meets Augmented Reality with Google 3D Dinosaurs

Google has followed the gigantic footsteps of John Hammond, but in a way that won’t result in people getting stuck in dinosaurs’ teeth. Instead of roaming our real world, Google has figured out a way for dinosaurs to roam in augmented reality. Now, you can see a Tyrannosaurus Rex in your driveway or a brachiosaurus towering over trees in your backyard.