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8Talks: Teleporting Consumers - WebAR Portals as a Tool for Brand Engagement

8th Wall has created 8Talks, a series of webinars which lets viewers gain insights into the massive opportunity of web-based augmented reality and showcase best practices and examples of in-market WebAR, that is driving value.
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Amazon Augmented Reality App Transforms Packaging Into Interactive Experiences

Amazon has found an innovative way to entertain their customers with the boxes that arrive on their doorstep. The company has transformed their packaging which now comes to life with the help of their Augmented Reality app. 
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Kinder Create ‘Jump Into Africa’ Safari Experience In WebAR Portal In Tesco Stores

Confectionary brand Kinder, created a unique AR experience with their ‘Jump Into Africa’ Safari portal which transported shoppers into the African Savanna. 

Burberry Partner with Snapchat for the Animal Kingdom Pop-Ups

To help celebrate the global launch of its pop-ups, Burberry has partnered with Snapchat to showcase an in store gamification experience. Snapchat users simply scan the Snapcode embedded in the pop-ups, and are transported into the world of Burberry’s Animal Kingdom and see the animals around them come to life. Users can tap on the toucans to unlock offers and rewards.
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Facebook and Warner Music Partner on AR Collaboration with David Guetta and Sia

Facebook has partnered with Warner Music to create an Augmented Reality effect prior to the launch of David Guetta and Sia’s new single, Let’s Love. 
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Burger King Launches AR Experience With Lil Yachty For The VMAs

Burger King are no strangers when it comes to innovative advertising campaigns which bring together audiences from all over the world. Their latest campaign features the brand’s mascot as well as the renowned rapper Lil Yachty, who together took over the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) last week, in an AR appearance. 
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Artechouse Create Augmented Reality To-Go Cocktails 

Augmented Reality, Art and Booze? We’re Down!
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Ford’s New Augmented Reality Tool Parks a 2021 F-150 Anywhere

The coronavirus has impacted different industries and for the motor industry, allowing customers into the dealership has become increasingly difficult. To overcome this barrier, Ford has developed an AR tool which lets car enthusiasts see how a brand new Ford F-150 pickup would look parked on their drive or shrunk down in their living room without leaving their homes.