oday, Warba Bank announced the launch of an innovative Augmented Reality experience, Warba World. The experience allows users to control their avatar to explore a virtual Kuwait City and visit a number of well known locations before sundown in order to win monetary and physical rewards courtesy of Warba Bank and its selected partners. 

Using state-of-the-art Web AR technology, users must visit several well known Kuwait City landmarks, including the iconic Kuwait Towers, Grand Mosque, and Liberation Tower each unlocking a new trivia task. Players must answer the questions correctly to gain more time on the countdown clock - or else risk running out of time to complete the game. 

In line with Warba Bank’s digital transformation and innovation approach, the experience has been created to enhance financial literacy whilst simultaneously providing a fun gaming experience for users. This version is only the beginning - Warba Bank & Aircards intend to develop upon the game and release new features, gameplay and map locations over coming months. 

The AR experience is built using Niantic’s 8th Wall Web AR technology, which is accessible to all smart phone users with no app to download. Metalitix, the 3D analytics platform was also integrated into the experience to provide deep-level 3D analytics for the game. Metalitix is currently available for free trial if you'd like to try it for yourself - and the platform includes Unity Analytics support, alongside A-Frame analytics, Unreal Engine, PlayCanvas, Decentraland, 8th Wall, ARCore, ARKit and VisionOS among many other game engines.

Warba World is available to play now at https://arkuwait.com

Lewis Collins, Chief Commercial Officer at Aircards, said: 

‚ÄúWe are incredibly excited to partner with Warba Bank on this immersive XR experience. Warba World is a fantastic example of utilising innovative technology to engage consumers in a new and exciting way. The team at Warba Bank share our values,¬† driving innovation and value to its clients and we look forward to continuing our partnership with new functionalities and version releases.‚ÄĚ

As part of their commitment to accessibility, Aircards included key XR accessibility features within the experience, including an accessibility menu, configurable audio levels, screen-reader support, and contextual 3D asset highlighting.

Apr 17, 2023
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