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Upland Accelerates Metaverse Growth with AI Partner Kaedim

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Upland, the metaverse platform known for its blockchain-based virtual property trading game, has joined forces with AI startup Kaedim, resulting in a remarkable 70% increase in 3D asset production speeds. This collaboration marks a significant evolution for Upland, originally conceived as a virtual property trading game that has expanded into a diverse ecosystem catering to entrepreneurs, content creators, and gamers alike.
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Navigating the Shifting Landscape of the VR Market: A Meta Perspective

In the ever-evolving world of virtual reality (VR), Meta, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has been at the forefront of the quest to shape the future through the development of the metaverse. However, recent data suggests that despite Meta's significant investments, the VR market in the U.S. is facing challenges.
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BlackRhino VR Launches Africa's First User-Friendly AR Platform

Kenyan extended reality tech company BlackRhino VR has introduced a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) platform named MediAR. This platform aims to empower content creators within the creative economy, providing a user-friendly AR cloud editor and publishing platform. Leveraging drag-and-drop technology, MediAR minimises the traditional learning curve associated with coding while facilitating the rapid development and publishing of AR content.
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Revolutionising Pediatric Healthcare: Augmented and Virtual Reality Playkit Eases MRI Anxiety in Children

Getting kids ready for an MRI scan can be a nerve-wracking experience, but a novel approach using a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) playkit is showing promising results, according to early findings in the journal BMJ Innovations. Currently, children often need general anaesthesia during MRI scans due to the requirement to stay perfectly still in the noisy environment of the MRI tunnel. However, this newly designed playkit aims to alleviate the need for sedation.
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US Regulators Give Green Light to Google, Apple, and Meta for 6GHz Spectrum

Google, Apple, and Meta have secured the green light from US regulators to tap into a spectrum band, marking a significant move toward the emergence of new mobile virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) devices.
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Unity's CEO Resigns Amid Controversial Pricing Changes: What's Next for the Game Development Tool?

John Riccitiello has stepped down as CEO of Unity, a game development tool, following a contentious pricing change that irked gamers and developers.
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Legoland's Augmented Reality Gaming: TV Show-Themed Experiences Take Centre Stage

Legoland's parent company, Merlin Entertainments, is stepping into the augmented reality gaming arena with a twist, incorporating popular TV shows like Paw Patrol and Squid Game into interactive gaming rooms at selected venues.
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Boeing and Red 6 Pioneer Augmented Reality Training for Fighter Pilots

Using AR technology in pilot training could help Air Forces worldwide deal with the ongoing challenge of recruiting fighter pilots. This innovation can reduce training costs and time, addressing critical shortages in the industry.