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Vauxhall’s Augmented Reality Filter Brings The New Mokka To Your Drive

Vauxhall has introduced a new Augmented Reality filter that allows Instagram users to see how the all-new Mokka will look parked on their drive. 
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Bollé Launches the First AR Try Out Experience

If you’re interested in augmented reality you’re probably aware of AR ‘try on’ experiences which use your smartphone camera to show what you would look like wearing clothing, accessories or shoes, to help influence you to buy it. But, have you heard of an AR try out experience? 
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Instagram’s AR Filters Are More Dynamic Thanks To The Latest Update

Consistent updates are regularly made to Spark AR but the latest one features different functionalities that AR developers can use to create more complex filters to entice the user with on Instagram.
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Quarantine Paves Way To A Whole New World Of Augmented Reality

The potential of augmented reality (AR) and its benefit to society is becoming more apparent day by day. Most recently, its function as a communication and entertainment tool has taken a huge leap forward during quarantine as more people turned to the use of AR filters and lenses on mobile devices to stay connected in a remote environment.