ountry singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert isn’t just a talented musician, she also owns and manages a foundation called MuttNation, which advocates for adoption of shelter pets.

Sony Music and Lambert’s team wanted to promote her new single “Settling Down,” so created an Instagram based augmented reality experience where her 4 million followers can virtually adopt a dog. Users can select a dog from the virtual shelter, where the happy pups wait patiently next to a TV showing the video of Lambert’s new song.

The experience is fun and simple, however it is also a fairly nuanced use of augmented reality technology which showcases the new single in the context of something non-musical which is important to the artist. The experience also allows some fanbase stretch: pulling in dog lovers, and existing fans who want to be part of a fun new tech experience.

Miranda Lambert Launches AR Dog-Adoption Experience On Instagram

When talking about the AR experience Miranda Lambert stated:

“Love Harder” campaign is focusing on harder to get adopted dogs and this filter provides a fun, user-friendly opportunity to pair my music with playful images of some of the breeds that are among the hardest to get adopted."

As augmented reality technology is becoming more sophisticated, more artists are starting  to create and engage with virtual spaces, and in doing so are creating more intimate spaces where winning over audiences becomes a little easier.

Aug 10, 2021
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