pple has officially announced the release of Apple Vision Pro, a groundbreaking spatial computing device poised to transform the landscape of personal computing. Set to be available at all U.S. Apple Store locations and online from February 2, Vision Pro integrates seamlessly into users' daily lives, introducing a new era of immersive experiences. With its innovative visionOS, built on decades of engineering excellence from macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, Apple Vision Pro promises to deliver powerful spatial encounters that reframe how individuals work, collaborate, connect, relive memories, and enjoy entertainment.

Revolutionary Spatial Computing with Apple Vision Pro:

Powered by visionOS, Apple Vision Pro offers a three-dimensional user interface controlled entirely by a user's eyes, hands, and voice, making navigation a magical and intuitive experience. This innovative approach allows users to interact with apps using gestures, virtual keyboards, and dictation, providing a natural and seamless computing experience.

Innovations of visionOS: A Deep Dive into Apple's Spatial Interface:

The three-dimensional interface of visionOS enables apps to break free from the traditional display boundaries, offering a side-by-side presentation at any scale. This innovation creates an infinite canvas for multitasking and collaboration, providing the ultimate workspace for users. Leveraging existing developer frameworks, more than a million familiar apps across iOS and iPadOS are automatically compatible with Apple Vision Pro.

Transforming Entertainment: Apple Vision Pro's Ultra-High-Resolution Displays:

Apple Vision Pro boasts ultra-high-resolution displays, surpassing the pixel count of a 4K TV for each eye. This feature allows users to indulge in movies and TV shows from services like Apple TV+, Disney+, and more on a screen that feels 100 feet wide. With support for HDR content and Apple Immersive Video, Vision Pro pioneers a new entertainment format with 180-degree, three-dimensional 8K recordings captured with Spatial Audio.

Spatial Experiences in Gaming: A Glimpse into Apple Arcade on Vision Pro:

Gaming experiences on Apple Vision Pro reach new heights with access to the App Store, including more than 250 titles on Apple Arcade. Popular games like NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition and Sonic Dream Team can be played on a screen as large as users desire, providing incredible audio and support for popular game controllers. New spatial games, such as Game Room, What the Golf?, and Super Fruit Ninja, leverage the device's capabilities for unique and engaging gameplay experiences.

Capturing Memories: Spatial Photos and Videos on Apple Vision Pro:

Apple Vision Pro introduces spatial photos and videos, offering users a new way to capture and relive their favorite moments. Spatial Audio enhances the immersive experience, transporting users back to special moments in time. Users can capture spatial video on their iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max and seamlessly relive them on Vision Pro, providing a life-size scale view with vivid detail.

FaceTime Redefined: Spatial Audio and Personas on Apple Vision Pro:

FaceTime on Apple Vision Pro takes full advantage of spatial computing. During calls, participants appear life-size, and Spatial Audio makes each person's voice seem to originate from the location of their tile. For Vision Pro users, FaceTime introduces Personas, authentic spatial representations that reflect users' facial expressions and hand movements in real time.

Breakthrough Design: Unveiling the Modular System of Apple Vision Pro:

Designed as a modular system, Apple Vision Pro offers a personalized fit for users. The device features a sleek design with a three-dimensionally formed, laminated glass that gently curves around the user's face, flowing into a custom aluminum alloy frame. The Light Seal, made of a soft textile, comes in various shapes and sizes, ensuring a precise fit. Flexible straps, including the Solo Knit Band and Dual Loop Band, allow users to find their optimal fit.

Privacy and Security: Optic ID and EyeSight Features of Apple Vision Pro:

Privacy and security are paramount in Apple Vision Pro. The device introduces Optic ID, a new authentication system that analyzes a user's iris for unlocking, autofill passwords, and completing payments with Apple Pay. Eye tracking information remains private, with no sharing with Apple, third-party apps, or websites. EyeSight, a groundbreaking feature, offers visual cues to others about the user's focus when capturing spatial photos or videos.

Accessibility in visionOS: Empowering Users with Innovative Features:

Built with accessibility in mind, Apple Vision Pro incorporates powerful features like VoiceOver, Zoom, Switch Control, Guided Access, and more into visionOS. Users can interact with Vision Pro entirely with their eyes, hands, or voice, choosing the input method that works best for them. Pointer Control, Dwell Control, and Voice Control offer innovative ways to navigate and control Vision Pro based on user preferences.

Apple Vision Pro and the Environment: A Sustainable Technological Marvel:

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, Apple Vision Pro includes recycled materials in its design. The device uses 100% recycled rare earth elements in all magnets, 100% recycled tin soldering and gold plating in multiple printed circuit boards, and 100% recycled aluminum in the frame and battery enclosure. The Light Seal and Solo Knit Band are crafted with over 70% recycled yarn. Apple Vision Pro aligns with Apple's environmental goals, aiming to eliminate plastics in all packaging by 2025.

Pricing and Availability: Pre-Order Details for Apple Vision Pro:

Starting at $3,499 with 256GB of storage, Apple Vision Pro is available for pre-order from January 19 at 5 a.m. PST, with availability beginning February 2. The package includes a Solo Knit Band, Dual Loop Band, Light Seal, two Light Seal Cushions, Apple Vision Pro Cover, Polishing Cloth, Battery, USB-C Charge Cable, and USB-C Power Adapter. Optional ZEISS Optical Inserts are available for $99 (Readers) and $149 (Prescription).

Jan 8, 2024
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