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David Attenborough Narrates New AR Museum App

One of the most fascinating parts of history is discovering long-extinct creatures. From the creatures who lived as fossil form to those whose descendants continue to roam the Earth today. As we unfortunately can’t travel back in time 500 million years to see these extinct creatures, a new augmented reality app brings their habitats into our homes.
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Transform A 12-Pack Of Labatt Blue Beer into a Virtual NHL Arena With Snapchat

Canada’s largest brewer Labatt, has developed an augmented reality experience with the NHL.
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Apple’s Lead Hardware Engineer Chief Dan Riccio Steps Down To Focus On AR/VR

Recently, Apple had announced that their Lead Hardware Engineer Chief Dan Riccio would be stepping down from his role to solely focus on a new project within the company. In the latest report by Bloomberg, the ‘new project’ is Apple’s rumoured augmented reality, virtual reality, or mixed reality headset.
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Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg Discusses AR And VR In Chat About Latest Facebook Technology On Social App Clubhouse

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg made an appearance on ‘The Good Time Show,’ a talk show on the invite-only Clubhouse app. Zuckerberg revealed information about Facebook’s progress in augmented reality and virtual reality.
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Red Bull Launch ‘Discover Your Wiiings’ Augmented Reality App

Energy drink giants Red Bull, have launched the ‘Discover Your Wiiings’ app, made up of a series of augmented reality games which feature five Red Bull athletes.
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McQueen Gin Launch Augmented Reality Labels For Its Entire Range Of Bottles

A Scottish gin company has become the first in the UK to develop an entire augmented reality experience for their six main bottles. 
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Sundance Film Festival 2021 Features An Augmented Reality Documentary Short Named Fortune!

The Sundance Film Festival is an annual film festival organised by the Sundance Institute. The event takes place each January in Park City, Utah, Salt Lake City, and at the Sundance Resort, and is the largest independent film festival in the United States. The Festival’s 2021 New Frontier showcase is in full swing and due to the pandemic, the organisers have created a plethora of genre-defying entertainment available via a custom-built social platform composed of a virtual gallery, cinema house and lounge area. The virtual gallery features 14 immersive displays, one of which is an augmented reality documentary short film, named Fortune!
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Augmented Reality Enhances Efficiency In Minimally Invasive Surgery

The last few decades have seen a rise in minimally invasive surgery (MIS), replacing open surgery as the preferred method across a variety of medical fields. However, MIS restricts the surgeon’s field of view and poses challenges when performing surgeries. Often surgeons need 3D visualisation, such as correct device placement or removal of sensitive tissues.Other technologies have attempted to expand the view during MIS, including surgical scene reconstruction techniques, although most exist
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LEGO And Universal Music Group Launch AR Music Video Creating APP, VIDIYO

Back in April 2020, Denmark born toy company LEGO made a deal with Universal Music Group to develop a new interactive way of inspiring the next generation of fans and creative visionaries. The deal would center around the development of a new suite of LEGO products, set to launch in 2021, but further details remained anonymous. 
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