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See BMW Art Cars with Augmented Reality

BMW’s Art Cars are world famous, even for those who aren’t fans of the brand. BMW has collaborated with various artists to create stunning works of art since 1975 including Andy Warhol, Alexander Cabot, and even as recently as Futura 2000. However, they typically only paint one-offs that don’t go on sale, so seeing one in person is next to impossible, until now.
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The Hundred Promotes Competition With An Industry First Augmented Reality Cricket Game

The Hundred - a new 100-ball cricket competition, has collaborated with Threepipe, Mobsta and Aircards to develop an epic game and new user experience to promote the launch of the competition this summer.
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New Augmented Reality App Showcases the History of Wirral

A new augmented reality app has been launched for residents and visitors of the Wirral, which tells stories from history about the area which can be viewed and explored via a smartphone.
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Apple Launch New AR Experience And Snapchat Lens To promote Apple Pay Express Transit

Apple has recently launched two new augmented reality experiences, specifically designed to promote Apple Pay Express Transit.
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Coupe De France Final Features Live Augmented Reality

Last month during France TV’s broadcast of the Coupe de France final, Pixotope delivered 3D augmented reality recreations of Paris and Monaco. 
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London’s Walking AR Art Trail - Augmented Gallery

With COVID-19 restrictions in flux, London’s major art museums have teamed up to share works with the public and to entice visitors back inside by using augmented reality.
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Soul Summoner A Fantasy MMORPG in Augmented Reality

Rekindled from ancient times, the forces of darkness have awoken. This brings great plagues and natural disasters to the Earth, threatening the existence of modern society. The long forgotten souls of the past are calling out to you, begging to be freed. Can you be the hero this world desperately needs?
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Space Force Launches Augmented Reality Enabled NFTs

Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon, and is famous for saying, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Now the American astronaut will also become a pioneer in the exploration of the metaverse.
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Shopify Acquires Primer For Augmented Reality Home Design Tools

Shopify, the e-commerce platform has recently acquired Primer, an augmented reality app which allows users to see the results of a home improvement project before getting their hands dirty.
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