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Ohio State Offers Augmented Reality Spine Surgery

An orthopaedic spine surgeon at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is the first in Ohio to use an augmented reality guidance system during open and minimally invasive spine implant procedures.
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Aircards Create Dell Technologies Virtual Stand Experience

Leading WebAR agency Aircards have recently developed a Virtual Stand and Hologram experience in partnership with CXO Strategies Middle East for their client, Dell Technologies.
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ISS Astronauts Use Augmented Reality Apps To Assist With Repairs

Astronauts on the ISS are trialing an augmented reality system which can help in the inspection and maintenance of station equipment.
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The Glimpse Group Launches Enterprise Focused Virtual NFT and Crypto VR & AR Software Product Development Effort

The Glimpse Group, Inc. a diversified Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platform company providing enterprise focused solutions. Earlier this week the company announced an internal initiative which focuses on utilising robust technologies, software and services of its subsidiary companies towards a new enterprise focused vertical including Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Crypto segments.
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Perfect Corp. Partners With Avon México On AR- And AI-Based Sales

Beauty technology solutions provider Perfect Corp. has announced a partnership with Avon México to integrate augmented reality and artificial intelligence through facial analysis technology in its YouCam Makeup app for more personalised consumer shopping experiences.
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TikTok To Follows Snap & Facebook By Utilising Augmented Reality Developer Tools

TikTok has announced that the company is experimenting with a set of developer tools which would enable creators to one day build augmented reality effects on the popular app. 
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Snap Hires Facebook Executive to Lead Augmented Reality Partnerships

Snap Inc. is looking to advance its augmented reality, to do this they have recently hired longtime Facebook Inc. executive Konstantinos Papamiltiadis to oversee the effort. 
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NSG Group Implement Augmented Reality HUD For Mercedes Benz

Japanese glass manufacturing company NSG Group has been chosen by Mercedes-Benz AG to implement its augmented reality heads up display technology on the new Mercedes Benz S-Class model.
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