reland's debut augmented reality digital trail has been unveiled at Hillsborough Forest, following a £1 million investment. This innovative trail features ten sculptures created by seven artists, some towering up to 25 feet in height, brought to life through the Hillsborough app.

Once the app is installed, visitors can meander around the lake, discovering each unique sculpture, and by simply tapping the 'enhance me' button, they unveil a whole new realm of augmented reality. The experience is captivating and especially enchanting for children and their families.


Andrew Kennedy, from Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, shared with UTV, "We've introduced ten diverse themes, ranging from child's play, nature, science, history, heritage, and the birth of flight. Artists were inspired by these themes and then sought to harmonise the sculptures with the village or forest in a meaningful way."

Majan Moghaddam, a digital artist from New York, contributed two AR designs to the trail, 'The Poet' and 'The Magic Garden'. He remarked, "It's a delight to see kids interact with The Poet, shaking its hand, and posing for pictures. This generation is very comfortable with digital content, digital figures, digital avatars. Integrating this technology into the park provides a beautiful bridge between Ireland's heritage and 21st-century imagination technologies."

Local artist Ngaire Jackson, hailing from Hillsborough, created a piece called "Vaulted Nest," which she said symbolises the village's tight-knit community. She explained, "It's a small village with incredible architecture, like the castle and the parish church, and these elements are intertwined with my sculpture.

Oct 28, 2023
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