Snap, the brains behind Snapchat, has teamed up with the Louvre to bring you Egypt Augmented - an exciting way to explore the museum's iconic Egyptian artifacts using augmented reality (A.R.).

Snap's A.R. Studio designed this experience to breathe new life into treasures like the Chamber of Ancestors and the Dendera Zodiac. Just locate the QR codes placed near these artworks, activate your Snapchat camera, and watch these ancient pieces transform before your eyes. The magic doesn't stop there; this tech can even restore the fading paint on these artefacts, unveiling the shapes, colours, materials, and decorations hidden by time.

AR Louvre Egypt

Laurence des Cars, the Louvre's president-director, is thrilled with this cutting-edge partnership. She believes Egypt Augmented is not just a fantastic discovery tool but also a unique mediation experience for visitors. It's like a journey into the world of ancient Egyptian masterpieces, right at your fingertips.

Let's take the Dendera Zodiac as an example. Astrology enthusiasts, get ready to be amazed as the ceiling relief springs to life in 3D. You'll also get a handy lesson on its meaning and uses. And then there's the Naos of Amasis. Thanks to digital restoration, a faded bas-relief is revived, letting you witness its former glory.

Donatien Bozon from Snap's A.R. Studio emphasises their dedication to using augmented reality to educate and inspire the world. Over 250 million people worldwide engage with Snapchat's A.R. daily. The aim of these A.R. experiences is to provide fresh perspectives for cultural contemplation at the Mus├ęe du Louvre. You're in for an interactive and immersive art discovery that adds depth to your understanding of these masterpieces. It's like having a time machine for art!


Nov 3, 2023
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