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8Talks: Teleporting Consumers - WebAR Portals as a Tool for Brand Engagement

8th Wall has created 8Talks, a series of webinars which lets viewers gain insights into the massive opportunity of web-based augmented reality and showcase best practices and examples of in-market WebAR, that is driving value.
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AR Virtual Events Boom In 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the world in just a few months and to overcome some of the barriers, the technology sector has been forced into hyperdrive to develop and deliver effective solutions that enable the rapid transition to remote working and communications, the events industry and safe reopening of businesses.
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The Weeknd Performs an AR Concert On TikTok

The Weeknd joins artists like John Legend and Travis Scott performing AR concerts, to give fans a more immersive experience during the pandemic.
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Augmented Reality for Virtual Events

Events around the globe are being cancelled and professionals in the events industry are searching for new and innovative ways to engage their audience and bring their events to life. The time is now to start a virtual event revolution and to start and explore the endless opportunities with augmented reality and how it can help to create a new next level generation of virtual events.