T has recently launched a new and exciting, immersive augmented reality experience to attract applicants to the company’s tech roles. 

Afonso Veiga, Award-Winning Social Media Manager at BT (Employer Branding) was tasked with leading the attraction for the tech roles. Veiga considered what else he could do to go beyond the realms of his expertise of social media.

BT Launches Exciting New Immersive Experience

Identifying and working with some key partners including Hackajob and Manchester Digital, Veiga had a ‘dream’ of utilising augmented reality for recruitment. 

This is where leading WebXR agency Aircards came in. 

The team at Aircards built an incredible, immersive AR experience where the user taps to place a portal within their own space. Stepping in the portal the world is transformed into an immersive 360 degree VR environment, branded in BT’s distinct purple shade. 

BT Launches Exciting New Immersive Experience

The user is able to walk around the experience, as you turn and look around, pop up boxes appear, giving the user insight into the jobs available at BT and learn things like core areas of work from Data to SoftwareEngineering, key locations that BT is recruiting in, skills and tech stack that you might work with as well as infographics and videos to inform the user. Boxes appear below with options to ‘Apply Now’, ‘Learn More’ and ‘Explore More’.

BT Launches Exciting New Immersive Experience

The Metaverse style experience is a first of its kind for recruitment as BT leads the way in innovation. Veiga took to LinkedIn to share his appreciation writing: 

“This wouldn't be possible without the guidance, effort and above all, the patience of Lewis Collins, Adin Gold, Michael Watson, Michael L. and Wilson Fanestil (all from Aircards) so a massive thanks!…” 

Users are able to Scan the QR code or visit https://lnkd.in/dD-Hvr8A and learn about digital and tech roles at BT. 

BT Launches Exciting New Immersive Experience

Jan 20, 2022
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