olwey Consulting, an Austin-based woman-owned small business known for data, design, and software solutions, has collaborated with Ensemble Consultancy under NASA's Open Innovation Services (NOIS2) to develop the 'Spot the Station' app. This app, chosen from twelve contenders, features augmented reality (AR) for ISS tracking, creating a unique stargazing experience. Solwey's CEO, Andrew Drach, emphasised the project's significance in delivering cutting-edge solutions.

The 'Spot the Station' app, now live on iOS and Android, simplifies ISS sightings, offering 2D and 3D maps and additional details. Solwey's technical contribution involves open-source React Native code, accessible on NASA's GitHub. Monika Jociunaite, Solwey's creative director, highlighted the real-time space magic the app performs.

augmented reality iss experience

NASA's app coincides with the ISS's 25th-anniversary celebration, encouraging public engagement in space observation. Open source and continually updated based on user feedback, the app aligns with NASA's mission for scientific advancement and public awareness.

In parallel, the agency released a detailed article about the Spot the Station app, emphasising its augmented reality features and open-source nature. It encourages public participation in observing the ISS, fostering awareness and appreciation for space exploration.

Nov 24, 2023
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