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SpaceCatch: Transforming AR Gaming with Crypto Earnings

SpaceCatch is making waves in the gaming world with its innovative approach to Augmented Reality (AR) gaming. Despite being officially announced only a few months ago, SpaceCatch has already garnered an impressive following of over 100,000 enthusiasts eager to explore its unique gaming universe.
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Boeing and Red 6 Pioneer Augmented Reality Training for Fighter Pilots

Using AR technology in pilot training could help Air Forces worldwide deal with the ongoing challenge of recruiting fighter pilots. This innovation can reduce training costs and time, addressing critical shortages in the industry.
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Apple's Pursuit of Augmented Reality: A Patent for AR Windshield Technology

The mystery surrounding Apple's involvement in the automotive industry continues, with speculation ranging from intense car development to complete project abandonment. What's certain is that Apple has been delving into car tech, from the widely used CarPlay to newer, more innovative concepts. Recently, an intriguing patent related to augmented reality (AR) windshield technology was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
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Dublin Unveils Innovative AR Mapping: 'DiscovAR Dublin' Offers Unique City Exploration

Dublin City Council is making waves with its latest tech innovation, unveiling a cutting-edge augmented-reality (AR) mapping feature that offers users an immersive 3D exploration of the city through the Dublin Discovery Trails app.
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Pioneering Surgeon in Jerusalem Utilises Augmented Reality and Robotic Tech for Revolutionary Spinal Procedure

In a historic feat, a team of doctors at Jerusalem's Shaare Zedek Medical Center has accomplished an unprecedented fusion of cutting-edge technology in a complex spinal operation. Dr. Cezar J. Mizrahi, a highly skilled spine neurosurgeon, led this pioneering effort by leveraging innovative augmented reality (AR) and robotic advancements to address a challenging case.
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Andalusia, a National Historic Landmark, Joins Forces with ARtGlass for Innovative Augmented Reality Tours

In a groundbreaking move, the historical Georgia farmstead that once belonged to renowned 20th-century southern Gothic author Flannery O’Connor is teaming up with tech innovator ARtGlass to introduce captivating augmented reality (AR) walking tours for visitors. This National Historic Landmark, now owned by Georgia College & State University (GCSU), served as the creative haven where O’Connor crafted much of her literary legacy.
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Revolutionary Smart Glasses Empower the Deaf Community to Visualise Conversations

Revolutionary XRAI Glass, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), is set to transform the lives of deaf individuals by enabling them to witness and even rewind conversations in real time. This cutting-edge technology leverages the synergy of augmented reality (AR) glasses and a smartphone app, all powered by advanced AI software.
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Exploring The Butterfly Trail: A Next-Gen Immersive Experience at Outernet London

‘The Butterfly Trail’ allows visitors to release magical, digital butterflies from their chrysalises and hold them in their hand