n a groundbreaking collaboration, Upland, the metaverse platform known for its blockchain-based virtual property trading game, has joined forces with AI startup Kaedim, resulting in a remarkable 70% increase in 3D asset production speeds. This collaboration marks a significant evolution for Upland, originally conceived as a virtual property trading game that has expanded into a diverse ecosystem catering to entrepreneurs, content creators, and gamers alike.

Upland's Journey and FIFA Partnership:

Upland's journey began as a blockchain-based virtual property trading game, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade virtual properties mapped to real-world locations. The concept gained traction, especially after Upland was announced as FIFA's official metaverse partner during the Qatar World Cup in 2022. Currently boasting over three million registered players who have traded four million digital assets, Upland has become a thriving metaverse community.

AI-Enhanced Asset Creation:

Digital asset creation is pivotal to Upland's user-generated content model, where players design, manufacture, and trade digital goods and experiences. Recognizing the need for a superior way to accelerate asset production, Upland turned to Kaedim. Leveraging Kaedim's AI-powered design platform, which utilizes machine learning algorithms, Upland has streamlined the 3D asset design process, achieving up to 5-10 times acceleration compared to manual methods.

Kaedim's Generative AI Technology:

Kaedim's platform, driven by generative AI technology, offers intricate designs with features like automatic texturing and detailed levels, enabling the creation of lifelike animations. By integrating Kaedim's image-to-mesh technology, Upland has significantly reduced the time it takes to design and build complex 3D assets.

Streamlined Production Process:

The asset creation process in Upland is now almost entirely automated. Kaedim's AI responds to user inputs, creating initial sketches of assets that can be refined through further inputs. Users can bring their designs to life using Kaedim's AI modeling capabilities, enhancing realism with meshes and textures. Notably, Upland reduced the time spent on designing and building 5,000 Totem life-forms by an impressive 72%.

Paving the Way for Innovation:

With this streamlined asset creation pipeline, Upland users can expect a more rapidly evolving experience. The accelerated production process allows for frequent updates and customization, enabling users to personalize in-game spaces and avatars with a diverse array of content. The collaboration with Kaedim not only enhances visual aesthetics but also fosters a more responsive development process, encouraging collaboration among creators and accelerating the pace of innovation within the Upland metaverse.

In a statement, Upland expressed the success of the collaboration, stating, "In less than two weeks, we successfully took two original IP campaigns from inception to production, covering Map Assets, Structure Ornaments, Go Karts & Wearables." As Upland continues to harness the power of AI for metaverse growth, users can anticipate an enriched and dynamic virtual experience.

Dec 26, 2023
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