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Bandit Wines Launches World's First AR Connected Pack Experience

Aircards, a leading global production studio specializing in immersive storytelling partnered with Bandit Wines to unveil the world's first AR Connected Pack experience utilizing Snap's latest web-based Augmented Reality framework, Camera Kit.
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Google Navigates Major Layoffs in AR and Fitbit Shake-Up: Future of Hardware Division in Question

In a significant blow to Google's hardware division, the company has confirmed layoffs affecting hundreds of workers, particularly within its augmented reality (AR) segment. Alongside this development, notable figures from Fitbit, including co-founders James Park and Eric Friedman, are reportedly departing.
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Apple Vision Pro To Be Available in the U.S. on February 2

Apple has officially announced the release of Apple Vision Pro, a groundbreaking spatial computing device poised to transform the landscape of personal computing. Set to be available at all U.S. Apple Store locations and online from February 2, Vision Pro integrates seamlessly into users' daily lives, introducing a new era of immersive experiences. With its innovative visionOS, built on decades of engineering excellence from macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, Apple Vision Pro promises to deliver powerful spatial encounters that reframe how individuals work, collaborate, connect, relive memories, and enjoy entertainment.
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Upland Accelerates Metaverse Growth with AI Partner Kaedim

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Upland, the metaverse platform known for its blockchain-based virtual property trading game, has joined forces with AI startup Kaedim, resulting in a remarkable 70% increase in 3D asset production speeds. This collaboration marks a significant evolution for Upland, originally conceived as a virtual property trading game that has expanded into a diverse ecosystem catering to entrepreneurs, content creators, and gamers alike.
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Navigating the Shifting Landscape of the VR Market: A Meta Perspective

In the ever-evolving world of virtual reality (VR), Meta, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has been at the forefront of the quest to shape the future through the development of the metaverse. However, recent data suggests that despite Meta's significant investments, the VR market in the U.S. is facing challenges.
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BlackRhino VR Launches Africa's First User-Friendly AR Platform

Kenyan extended reality tech company BlackRhino VR has introduced a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) platform named MediAR. This platform aims to empower content creators within the creative economy, providing a user-friendly AR cloud editor and publishing platform. Leveraging drag-and-drop technology, MediAR minimises the traditional learning curve associated with coding while facilitating the rapid development and publishing of AR content.
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Immersive Tech Week 2023: Future of Immersive Technology

Immersive Tech Week 2023, organised by the VRDays Foundation, is a dynamic celebration and showcase of the latest advancements in immersive technology. This event aims to unite diverse voices from business, research, art, and the general audience, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge, discussions, and creativity.
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Augmented Reality Enhances ISS Sighting Experience

Solwey Consulting, an Austin-based woman-owned small business known for data, design, and software solutions, has collaborated with Ensemble Consultancy under NASA's Open Innovation Services (NOIS2) to develop the 'Spot the Station' app.