oogle is making its augmented reality (AR) beauty features more accessible to shoppers by introducing them to mobile browsers. These features allow users to virtually try on hair colour and foundation, providing a personalised and accurate representation of how the products would look. Google has expanded the availability of its AR technology, enabling users to access these tools through mobile browsers in the United States, not just the Google app. In the coming weeks, AR lip and eye makeup features will also be available on mobile web. Google's AR beauty features have proven beneficial for both shoppers and beauty brands, as they encourage consumers to spend more time on a brand's site and potentially make purchases. Over 50 beauty brands currently offer AR try-on experiences on Google, and the company accepts AR assets from various data providers to expand the range of products available for AR try-on. Additionally, Google now provides AR beauty ads, which enable brands to interactively promote their lip and eye products, offering consumers a more inclusive try-on experience. This move aims to help beauty brand partners showcase their products and capture consumer demand.

Oct 29, 2023
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