iami socialite, designer, and serial entrepreneur Monica Suleski, and Rolls Royce Motor Cars Miami will be hosting an interactive experience evening at a private residence in the Venetian Islands - Miami Beach. The event is presented by New World Inc. in collaboration with luxury artist Max Jamali and celebrity artist Diogo Snow, the event will consist of both traditional art pieces with ‚Äėtriggered‚Äô Augmented Reality NFT attributes and digital NFT pieces viewed via the New World Inc. platform.¬†

Alongside these pieces will be the unveiling of Monica Suleski‚Äôs debut book ‚ÄúLife By Design‚ÄĚ with the world‚Äôs first augmented reality NFT book cover designed by Max Jamali. All pieces will be exclusive to the event and the first official purchasable New World Inc. NFTs.

As well as the New World augmented reality experience, event sponsor Miami Girls Foundation in collaboration with Stephanie Saunders will be awarding the Miami Women Founders 2021 Award to nominee Elena Cardone, best selling author of ‚ÄúBuild an Empire: How to Have it All‚ÄĚ and executive producer of the annual 10x Ladies Event and Build an Empire Mastermind events. Elena currently hosts her own show, ‚ÄúWomen in Power and The 10x Ladies Network‚ÄĚ, along with co-hosting ‚ÄúThe G&E Show‚ÄĚ with husband Grant Cardone, bestselling author, entrepreneur and real estate investor.

The event is private, and can only be accessed by invitation, with the guest list including a collection of professionals in a multitude of industries looking to expand their portfolios and interest in the celebrity endorsed New World Inc. NFT Augmented Reality Platform. 

Jul 22, 2021
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