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In The Spotlight is leading WebXR agency Aircards, with their impressive Web-based augmented reality connected packaging experience with Team Enterprises and Stillhouse Whiskey.

Aircards And The Stillhouse Whiskey Connected Packaging Experience

Who are Aircards?

Aircards, the Web AR-only Agency, is one of the market-leading providers of Web-based Augmented Reality experiences and one of the few select 8th Wall Premier Partners. Their impressive work includes high-profile launches with Kinder, Unilever, Dell Technologies, AB InBev and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Aircards And The Stillhouse Whiskey Connected Packaging Experience

They provide an end-to-end Web AR service - from ideation to development and cloud-hosting and actively create additive technologies - most notably 4K-AR (4K streaming within a Web XR environment), and their Spatial Analytics feature for tracking user behaviour within a 3D scene. This hybrid approach between execution and R&D differentiates them from other Web AR agencies in the marketplace.

 Connected Packaging Experience

The Experience

Aircards partnered with [nofollow]Team Enterprises to create a highly interactive Connected Packaging experience which transforms the unique [nofollow]Stillhouse Whiskey can into an immersive journey for consumers. 

WebAR Connected Packaging Experience

The experience features custom 3D animation, compass wayfinding and a fully functional map feature, listing thousands of Points of Interest across the United States. These POIs included some amazing Federal Nature Reserve walks, along with every store location stocking Stillhouse in the USA.

The experience finishes with a fun Stillhouse banana branded selfie, which adventurers could use to snap a selfie with friends.

WebAR Connected Packaging Experience

This experience is a great example of tying brand values into a WebAR experience. Stillhouse drinkers can use the experience to find their next adventure, and somewhere new to enjoy a cup of Stillhouse Whiskey with friends. 

Jul 1, 2021
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