mmersive media agency, [nofollow]Yondr, has collaborated with the leading web-based augmented reality agency Aircards to develop and deploy a WebAR experience for its client, an international consultancy player.

The client was looking to create a convincing and engaging way to communicate their internal strategy to their employees. The experience was for internal usage only, but here’s a demonstration of how it worked.

WebAR or web-based augmented reality is uniquely positioned to help marketers and brands engage consumers wherever they are to successfully achieve their marketing goals and without installing an app. 

To start the experience, users are asked to stand up, find a clear open space and turn on their audio. Then, users are asked to tap to place the portal. 

Yondr and Aircards Develop WebAR Space Portal Experience

The portal door appears, with glowing green rings which lead to the out of this world experience. Users are enticed to walk in the portal, where a spaceman can be seen floating in space surrounded by stars and planets. 

Yondr and Aircards Develop WebAR Space Portal Experience

The portal features full 360 degrees of custom 3D modelling and animation, so users can look around and see the planets and stars. Users are instructed to tap on the planets, where once selected, pop up with infographics which display facts about each of the planets.

Yondr and Aircards Develop WebAR Space Portal Experience

A button on the bottom of the screen asks users if they want to ‚ÄėBecome An Astronaut‚Äô, a rocket flies up in front of the screen, the camera flips where the user can take a spacesuit selfie which they can snap and share to their social media platforms.

This out of this world experience is a glowing example of how brands can create engaging and meaningful experiences for not only consumers but employees as well. 

The Aircards team designed and developed this incredible project from the ground up, with elements like Progressive Web App integration, alongside interactive 3D planets and a fun Astronaut Selfie. The entire experience was powered by the [nofollow]8th Wall platform. 

Its clear to see that portals are becoming increasingly popular augmented reality experiences, just see a few of the Aircards team’s latest projects:


Jun 2, 2021
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