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In The Spotlight is WebAR agency Aircards, with their impressive Web-based augmented reality experience with EE which brought Rita Ora into peoples homes for an exclusive performance. 

Who are Aircards? 

Aircards, the Web AR-only Agency, is one of the market-leading providers of Web-based Augmented Reality experiences and one of the few select 8th Wall Premier Partners. Their impressive work includes high-profile launches with Kinder, Unilever, Dell Technologies, AB InBev and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

They provide an end-to-end Web AR service - from ideation to development and cloud-hosting and actively create additive technologies - most notably 4K-AR (4K streaming within a Web XR environment), and their Spatial Analytics feature for tracking user behaviour within a 3D scene. This hybrid approach between execution and R&D differentiates them from other Web AR agencies in the marketplace.

“If you’re an Aircards client, you gain access to additive technologies that no other vendors are able to provide. From experience quality, to analytic performance tracking - we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of Web AR experience design.”

The Experience

The web-based augmented reality experience developed by Aircards followed the launch of EE’s latest 5G campaign, with Rita Ora as the star of the first ever live AR performance in London’s iconic skyline while performing her hit single ‘Let You Love Me’, which was broadcasted on televisions across the UK. 

EE is now putting this next-level experience in the hands of fans by unveiling Mini AR Rita, a lifelike AR avatar of the pop star who dances and performs part of her live shot performance directly into consumers homes. 

To create the experience, the UK’s number one network enrolled the expertise of WebXR agency Aircards to launch an innovative new Web AR experience that features a Mini AR Rita Ora. The campaign is an exciting immersive experience which leverages the power of Web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR), powered by EE, the UK's no.1 5G network.

Marketing Communications Director at BT and EE, Pete Jeavons stated:

‍“Our latest campaign was filmed live and for real to demonstrate how our number one 5G network, paired with the latest iPhone 12 Pro, can provide our customers with a next generation experience today, not in five or ten years. And now, with Mini Rita AR, more of our customers can enjoy Rita’s first ever AR performance in the comfort of their own homes at a touch of a button.” 

It's one thing to watch the entertaining advertisement on the TV, but to experience it in your own home is a next-level marketing strategy. By clicking the link and following the simple instructions, Rita appears, wearing the same gold outfit as the original campaign and performs to her hit single ‘Let You Love Me’. Her moves were captured live over EE 5G using a motion capture suit and specially designed headset, which tracked the songstress’ hand, body and facial movements in full immersive 3D. It’s an engaging and highly innovative example of Web-based Augmented Reality, which is enhanced through the speed and reliability of 5G technology. Once the performance has finished, a ‘Discover The Power Of 5G’ button appears which takes you to the EE website to find out more about the 5G coverage offered by the EE mobile network. 

Ora shared the mini AR version of herself on her 16 million strong following on Instagram on Wednesday. Utilising Web-based Augmented Reality meant that fans don’t have to download an app to view the experience. Users can activate the experience through the experience web page to watch Mini AR Rita perform in Augmented Reality in-front of them. 

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and global superstar, Rita Ora, said

“As an artist, you’re forever looking at new ways to give back to your fans. Things that get them genuinely excited. Filming the live AR gig over EE 5G was unlike anything I’d done before, and it allowed me to push myself and enter a whole new world of performance. I wanted my fans to be able to experience that for real too, so I hope they love mini AR Rita as much as I do.”

In an exclusive interview with ar.rocks, we asked Lewis Collins, Commercial Director at Aircards about the experience:

“We are absolutely delighted to help deliver this experience on behalf of EE, enabling Rita to perform in the consumer’s home using WebAR. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the forward-thinking and innovative team at EE on this project.”

Collins added:

“We’re excited to continue to develop opportunities with the power of 5G and integrate this technology alongside Web-Based Mixed Reality.”

Watch to see how EE used the new iPhone 12 Pro and the UK's no.1 5G network to bring Rita Ora's first Augmented Reality performance to life for real here.

Aircards and 8th Wall

Aircards develop Web AR experiences on the 8th Wall platform. 8th Wall are the leading Web AR framework with outstanding compatibility across iOS and Android devices as well as impressive AR stability. Combining Aircards design, development and marketing talent with the 8th Wall framework provides clients with an unparalleled service.

Dec 3, 2020
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