E’s debut of the iPhone 12 Pro campaign has already been a huge success in demonstrating the power and potential of 5G by offering augmented reality experiences. 

The original campaign features the face of EE, Kevin Bacon and singer-songwriter, Rita Ora, where an avatar of the singer is seen dancing through London’s iconic skyline while performing her hit single ‘Let You Love Me’. 

Now, EE has continued to strengthen their campaign with the launch of an immersive web-based augmented reality experience which features Rita Ora dancing. The Mini AR Rita, was developed by leading WebAR agency Aircards, allowing viewers to see the power of 5G in their home. 

EE and Rita Ora
No app required, meant a seamless AR marketing experience.

When asked about the EE campaign Rita Ora said:

“As an artist, you’re forever looking at new ways to give back to your fans. Things that get them genuinely excited… Filming the live AR gig over EE 5G was unlike anything I’d done before, and it allowed me to push myself and enter a whole new world of performance. I wanted my fans to be able to experience that for real too, so I hope they love mini AR Rita as much as I do.”

It's one thing to watch the entertaining advertisement on the TV, but to experience it in your own home is a next-level marketing strategy. By clicking the link and following the simple instructions, Rita appears in Web AR, wearing the same gold outfit as the original campaign and performs to her hit single ‘Let You Love Me’. Once the performance has finished, a ‘Discover The Power Of 5G’ button appears which takes you to the EE website to find out more about the 5G coverage offered by the EE mobile network. 

5G Rita Ora AR Experience
EE and Mini Rita Ora in Web-based Augmented Reality

In an exclusive interview with ar.rocks, we asked Lewis Collins, Commercial Director at Aircards about the experience:

“We are absolutely delighted to help deliver this experience on behalf of EE, enabling Rita to perform in the consumer’s home using WebAR. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the forward-thinking and innovative team at EE on this project.”

Lewis added

“We’re excited to continue to develop opportunities with the power of 5G and integrate this technology alongside Web-Based Mixed Reality.”

The web-based augmented reality experience, powered by 8th Wall, has been launched across social media platforms including Rita’s own as well as across the BT and EE networks. 

Nov 18, 2020
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