ricsson Emodo unveils ground-breaking results from their most recent primary survey research study which dived into understanding 5G phone owners and their experience with 5G as well as explore the potential for AR advertising.

Leading WebAR agency Aircards, assisted with the research, providing 3 different Web-based Augmented Reality experiences for survey respondents to interact with. Experiences included an AR portal, product viewer and virtual sunglasses try-on.

Those exposed to AR love it

One of the stand-out statistics from the report was that a massive 70% of respondents agreed that they would like to see more Augmented Reality ads in the future. This is an extremely important statistic. How many people would say that they would like to see more ads in the future? We imagine very little. However when you serve a captivating and engaging Augmented Reality experience as an advertisement, people absolutely love it.‚Äć

74% of people agreed that AR advertisements would be ‚Äėmore likely to capture my interest or attention than normal ads‚Äô, once again, showing the highly engaging nature of WebAR experiences.‚Äć


AR Advertising research
5G & Augmented Reality Advertising Research Report

Full research report results can be downloaded here.

What does this mean for the future of advertising?

We’re going to see brands flock to integrate Augmented Reality into their advertising strategy, if they haven’t begun to already. Statistics like this prove how effective AR advertising can be to capture the attention of consumers.

Erik Murphy-Chutorian, CEO and Founder of 8th Wall said

‚ÄúThe ease and accessibility of web-based augmented reality has unlocked the AR opportunity for brands and marketers to easily reach consumers. With just a click of a link or scan of a QR code, WebAR eliminates the barrier to entry, instantly engaging consumers in the experience.‚ÄĚ

Examples of AR advertising in the wild

Popular beer brand, Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold recently launched an impressive Web-based Augmented Reality experience to help promote their Taste of Nature campaign. The experience featured an AR portal, which consumers could place in their own home and step into a fully immersive Yosemite National Park experience.

Featuring interactive elements like facts about Yosemite and the beer brand itself, this experience is a great example of providing an engaging experience for consumers.

How can brands launch their own AR advertising campaigns?

8th Wall is a popular Web-based AR platform that is utilized by developers and agencies to create impressive Web AR experiences.

WebAR agency and 8th Wall Premier Partner, Aircards regularly work with brands to launch creative AR experiences for the likes of Verizon, Samsung, AB InBev & Unilever. If you’re looking to launch a consumer-led experience, you can visit the Aircards website to learn more.

Jun 8, 2021
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