ondon's immersive entertainment district, Outernet London, is set to unveil a groundbreaking mixed reality experience on September 5th, 2023. Pixel Artworks, the immersive experience studio, presents 'The Butterfly Trail,' a one-of-a-kind adventure that combines cutting-edge technology with creative imagination.

The heart of this experience is Professor Peter Pelegrin's Botanical Workshop and Glass House. Unlike traditional VR experiences, The Butterfly Trail doesn't require specialized devices or apps. Visitors can engage with this immersive journey using only their smartphone browsers.

pixel artworks Augmented Reality
Outernet London, The Butterfly Trail

The immersive adventure kicks off with the 'Metamorphosis Machine,' an interactive experience developed in collaboration with XR agency, Aircards. What sets this apart is its integration within Outernet's colossal 'Now Building' screens, boasting 23,000 square feet of wrap-around displays, creating an awe-inspiring blend of real-time and rendered animations.

Guests unleash magical AR butterflies through an engaging slingshot game and then activate the Metamorphosis Machine using their smartphones. This triggers mesmerizing real-time animations on the massive screens, combining Pixel Artworks' Unreal animations with the AR experience, developed with Aircards.

A revolutionary aspect developed by Aircards is the WebAR hand-tracking feature. This allows visitors to hold and interact with virtual butterflies using their hands, with the capability to capture and share these moments through images and videos.

AR hand tracking by Aircards
Web AR Hand Tracking Experience - Hold a Butterfly

Pixel Artworks and Aircards also joined forces to introduce Metalitix, an innovative spatial analytics platform. Metalitix measures visitor interactions in both the physical and virtual realms, providing valuable insights into how people engage with immersive experiences. This collaborative effort aims to redefine the future of immersive entertainment through data-driven innovation. Metalitix is cross-platform compatible, enabling 8th Wall analytics, alongside Unreal Engine Analytics as well as Unity, A-Frame, BabylonJS, PlayCanvas and Decentraland among many more.

Lewis Collins, Chief Commercial Officer at Aircards, praised the collaboration's uniqueness, particularly Metalitix's role in enhancing understanding and visualization of virtual interactions. He stated, "By mapping those virtual interactions against the real-world location, we can build a truly cutting edge visualization of an experience that is both virtual and physical."

Both Professor Pelegrin's Botanical Workshop and The Glass House feature a cutting-edge 32-channel spatial audio mix, co-created with Gramercy Park Studios. This intricate audio landscape enhances the immersive visual experience, creating an engaging multisensory encounter.

Tom Burch, Managing Director at Pixel Artworks, expressed his excitement, stating, "Launching The Butterfly Trail at Outernet... helps us break creative boundaries with audiences looking for new, exciting immersive experiences. This is the next generation of experiential entertainment, demonstrating the potential of AR when seamlessly integrated with imagined, immersive worlds."

The Butterfly Trail at Outernet London promises to redefine immersive entertainment by seamlessly merging technology and imagination, offering visitors an unforgettable journey into a world where reality and fantasy intertwine.

Aug 10, 2023
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