ew footage from an immersive experience from Disneyland Paris recently emerged, showcasing their innovative use of Web-based AR/VR technologies to engage their audience. Utilizing 8th Wall technology, WebXR development agency Aircards developed the experience which features both Augmented and Virtual Reality components that gives consumers a 'wow' moment.

Web-based immersive technologies have long been considered excellent tools for consumer marketing, and this example from Disneyland Paris is no exception. The experience begins instructing the user to tap-to-place the magical Disney star within their own environment.

disneyland paris webxr experience

Appearing in Augmented Reality, the start floats in front of the user and invites them to tap the star to enter into the 360 degree immersive scene within. Once inside, users could explore the scene in 360 degrees and view exclusive video content about the park, latest rides and attractions.

disneyland paris webxr experience

We've seen brands flock to immersive mediums in 2021/22, and it seems that 2023 will be no different with more and more brands turning to AR/VR technologies to engage their audiences and drive meaningful results.

Learn more about Aircards and their other major WebXR project work on their website.

Feb 17, 2023

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