he "Chronos" augmented reality app, supported by Greece's Culture Ministry, transports visitors to the Acropolis back in time. Users armed with smartphones can virtually explore the iconic site, seeing it as it was in the 5th century BC, complete with the Parthenon Marbles. Not only does it provide insights into the Acropolis, such as the original painted sculptures, but it also bypasses the need to climb the hill and wait in long lines to see the monuments.

Augmented Reality Experience Athens Greece

The app aims to make Athens more attractive to tourists year-round. Greece is increasingly turning to technology to engage with its history and partnered with Microsoft and the gaming community in previous initiatives. "Chronos" will continue to evolve, potentially featuring an AI-powered virtual guide named Clio. It offers a fascinating blend of historical exploration and technological innovation.

Oct 13, 2023
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