s we enter a new era of technology, the everyday shopping experience is undergoing a rapid transformation. With COVID-19 disrupting real-world shopping, businesses large and small have seen the pressure to adapt and grow online, and ensure the best online shopping experience possible.

Shopify, the largest eCommerce platform in the world, has stepped up their game by providing a new avenue for shop owners to improve their online presence: 3D and AR.

In 2019, Shopify introduced the ability for shop owners to upload 3D models of their products, which paired with Augmented Reality allows for customers to interact with and view the product in their own space. 3D/AR viewing capabilities have become a game-changing feature for eCommerce stores, driving up conversion rates for products with 3D models and doubling sales.

What does Augmented Reality mean exactly?

Using a smartphone camera, any shopper can virtually place a product in their home. Digitized in full detail and size, the visual impact of an AR model is truly stunning in-person.

How do I get these 3D models of my product?

Shopify has a marketplace of 3D modeling companies who create photorealistic models of products: [nofollow]https://experts.shopify.com/services/visual-content-and-branding/create-3d-models-ar 

Spase 3D AR Models

[nofollow]Spase, leads the way with its highly optimized modeling process and with its seamless order dashboard. It’s as simple as ‘photos in, models out.’ 


Spase delivers models that work in 3D in the universal GLB format. That’s one file that works on laptops, phones, AR, and VR. Models are made simply from photos, and don’t require hunting down CAD files. In addition, every model can be used as-is to deliver AR experiences on Apple and Android phones.

  • High-poly mesh geometry
  • Universal portable format
  • Photoreal PBR textures
  • Works with touch and trackpad
  • Works across all modern browsers
  • Works with Apple and Android AR
  • Unlimited model storage
  • Instant file search
  • Fast link sharing

What now?

Head over to Spase and upload 4-5 photos, or paste a link to a product. Place an order, and get a price quote in a few minutes. Then download the finished model in 5-7 days, and share it in 3D and AR!

With over 1000 projects completed to date, and models across every field of human creativity, Spase is the one-stop shop for 3D in e-commerce.

🏀   Sports & Outdoors    🛋️   Furniture & Decor    🧳   Luggage & Travel    💄   Beauty & Health    👗   Clothing & Accessories    🖊️   Office Products    💻   Electronics & Computers    ⚙️   Auto & Industrial Parts    ⌚   Watches & Jewelry    🎮   Game & VR Assets    🎺   Musical Instruments    🎭   Arts & Crafts    🥾   Boots & Shoes    👓   Frames & Sunglasses    🏥   Medical Devices    🏡   Home & Garden    🛁   Kitchen & Bath    🧸   Toys, Kids, & Baby    📦   Packaging    📚   Books

What are merchants saying about Spase?

“Your work and support have made us customers for life,” - ONX Agency.

“We couldn't be happier with the quality of the work and professionalism... Our 3D models look exceptional and have gotten us a lot of praise already from our customers. Highly recommend.” - Garcon Official.

“... it’s such a unique way to interact with the products, especially now that all of our trade shows have been cancelled for the year.” - Rocklin Manufacturing.

Full Feature List

  • Model Order Dashboard
  • Model Asset Management
  • 3D Viewer
  • AR Viewer
  • Unlimited Views
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Embedding
  • Studio Photoshoots
  • Chat Support
  • Zero Branding
Nov 26, 2020
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