eon Keer, a Dutch artist, is a master of 3D art. Keer is able to transform any flat surface into an incredible mind bending illusion through the medium of paint. 

3D Art Mural AR
Image Credit: Joost Spek

In his latest mural, painted in Helsingborg, Sweden, Keer has created Shattering, an awkward balance of stacked teacups that look on the edge of tipping over. The art is a commentary of the fragility of life. Each teacup is decorated with a scene that explores some of the difficulties facing the planet, from melting glaciers to oil spills. At the top of the stack of teacups the last cup is about to tip over and bring down the entire collection. 

Leon Keer Art
Image Credit: Leon Keer

In a recent interview with My Modern Met, Keer stated:

“Life is as fragile as a teacup… I want to show that your life can be turned upside down in an instant. You could lose a loved one. Or your home. That's why, on the teacups, I painted all kinds of doomsday scenarios.” 
Joost Spek Digital Art
Image Credit: Joost Spek

To give the mural a finished story, Keer collaborated with AR designer Joost Spek of 3Dpicnic, who animated the artwork and created the AR experience. By scanning the mural through the Leon Keer app, the animated teacups shatter. The collaboration between the innovative AR technology and the painting was a new challenge for the artist, as it required the artwork and the 3D animation to match perfectly.

Sep 16, 2020

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