R is still a relatively new technology to many, but understanding what it is and how it works can provide an insight into how AR can enhance the world around us. We’ve compiled a list of top rated AR books that will help broaden your knowledge on the immersive world of AR.

Whether you’re a content creator, developer, or just a fan of the technology who wants to stay in the loop, reading AR books can help you to understand the evolution of this immersive technology. Many of the books we’ve compiled are suitable for all levels and as AR is growing in popularity and penetrating different industries, the more complex the technology is becoming. So read on and find what AR book you’ll start with first!

Without any further introduction, these are our recommendations:

Augmented reality a practical guide

Augmented Reality: A Practical Guide

Authors: Stephen Cawood and Mark Fiala

This practical guide is the perfect introduction into AR technology, it provides simple but informative explanations linked to the way in which the technology works, while giving the reader the chance to try it through using the samples provided. Included with the book are code samples that can be accessed using the downloadable software. It provides an understanding that makes it possible to explore 3D objects and how they are used in the world around us.

5 AR Books To Read In 2020

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education, Art, and Museums

Authors: Giuliana Guazzaroni and Anitha S. Pillai (editors)

This AR/VR book showcases the impact of the technology on essential aspects of human life. Education, art, and museums are part of the higher level of needs for people and these industries are already undergoing a huge transformation thanks to AR and VR. This book focuses on the strategic role of immersive technologies in making education, arts, and museums more engaging, exciting and accessible for users. The book highlights the benefits of integrating AR/VR technology into learning and art.

5 AR Books To Read In 2020

Research Handbook on the Law of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Authors: Woodrow Barfield and Marc J. Blitz

This handbook doesn’t just deal with the inner workings of AR technology, but also the legal implications of human interactions with immersive AR content. This book also shares current state of specific legislation that impacts AR/VR in the USA, Europe, and several other countries.
This book goes into depth on issues such as IP rights, data protection and protected speech. The authors focus on the way users act through virtual avatars and manipulate holographic objects with an end result in real life.

Advances in Usability and User Experience

Authors: Tareq Ahram, Christianne Falcão  (editors)

The Advances in Usability and User experience explores how AR/VR immersive technology can help inclusion as the editors have compiled the essence of the AHFE 2019 International Conference on Usability and User Experience and the Conference on Human Factors and Assistive Technology. This book features a considerable focus on using immersive technologies to design assistive devices, human-computer interactions as well as finding effective approaches to improve user experience.

Augmented reality where we will all live

Augmented Reality: Where We Will All Live

Authors: Jon Peddie

Augmented Reality: Where We Will All Live provides the reader with a view of the world of AR by allowing them to explore the technology and compare it to other immersive technologies like VR. This book also holds insights into the early philosophies that brought AR to where it is today and its impact on society today, it also considers potential future developments of AR. Effectively, the book can be used as a guide to AR in order for professionals, academics and those interested in AR, to gain valuable insight into the technology.

Jul 14, 2020
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