xtended reality (XR) is an emerging term for all immersive technologies, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). XR technologies extend the reality we experience by either merging the virtual and “real” worlds, or by creating a fully immersive experience. The market for XR technology is growing at a rapid rate, with projections for 2023 valuing it at over [nofollow]18 billion U.S. dollars.

As XR technology improves further, there is no doubt that the use cases of XR technologies will broaden and develop as businesses and consumers begin to fully understand it’s unlimited potential.

However, despite a growing need for tech staff, jobs in technology are notoriously some of the hardest positions to both find and fill. Finding hiring companies can often be a challenge, so we’ve put together a list of 5 of the best platforms to find your perfect XR job. 

1. Company Slack Channels

Jobs in XR
Image Source: Slack

[nofollow]Slack is a channel-based messaging platform, which allows people to work together more effectively, connect all their software tools and services and find the information that they need to do their best work, all within a secure, enterprise-grade environment.

Slack has over 400 public communities, covering a broad range of topics. In recent years, these communities have become a way for recruiters to source candidates, particularly in the tech world and for those looking for work to seek out new roles.

Within the Slack platform, companies are also able to post vacant jobs and recruit to streamline hiring plans, progress, and decisions by keeping the whole search committee on task and in the loop. The platform gathers together all recruitment information in one searchable place, tracking candidates as they progress through the interview process. Keep turnaround and feedback loops tight by using dedicated channels. Communicate job openings and new employees.

2. LinkedIn Jobs

[nofollow]LinkedIn is a focused social media platform for professionals. It enables people to network and to build a professional portfolio and also go out into the world and look for a new job. Everyone from professionals who’ve been in business for decades to university graduates use LinkedIn. It is also used by companies who are employing and recruiters who are searching for job candidates.

XR Job Search
Image Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows users to look for jobs and be proactive, by using LinkedIn's “let recruiters know you’re open” tab found under career interests and its “job recommendations” tab that helps job seekers find work. Professionals on the platform can search the open jobs that are listed and also search the “seek jobs with connections” to see who's already at the companies they want to consider, new opportunities may arise that you didn't even know existed.

LinkedIn allows employers to search for potential job candidates or follow companies from which they've already hired, it also allows employers to post a job on LinkedIn reaching the world's largest professional network to connect a job role with qualified candidates. Posting a job takes minutes, it's also possible to  track applicants, and share top picks with their team to gather valuable feedback.

3. MyXRJobs

[nofollow]MyXRJobs was developed and created by a small number of people who collectively had trouble finding work in the XR industry due to the distinct lack of job boards where companies and those developers, designers and others could find new work, and new employees.

Where to look for XR Jobs
Image Source: MyXRJobs

Creator of MyXRJobs.com, Andy Shephard commented:

“I had trouble finding work in the past as a software developer trying to break into the XR industry as I was unable to find a good source of roles, while exploring LinkedIn and writing to people through there didn’t seem to prove useful.”

Shephard explained:

“A few people I worked with felt the same way and so I figured it could be good to try and make a simple platform that would make it easier for people to get more involved in the industry.”

The MyXRJobs platform hosts a number of XR jobs that are currently available, and the company is constantly working with businesses to upload new jobs onto the website on a daily basis. MyXRJobs also plans to create a blog on XR as well as a podcast, talking with some of the big names in the industry who will provide their thoughts of the current state, and what the future holds for XR.

Shephard has big plans for MyXRJobs stating:

“My aim with the website is to make it the ‘go-to’ platform for finding work, and in the future I’ll look at making more of a community aspect to it, where people are able to create profiles and showcase their works in order to gain interest for potential roles as well as to build a better network of people for themselves.”

4. Indeed

[nofollow]Indeed is the number 1 job site in the world, with over 250 million unique visitors each month to their site. Indeed strives to put those searching for jobs first, and give them free access to search for jobs, post CVs, and research companies through the Indeed website. Posting a job on Indeed is easy, although it is sometimes easy to get lost in all the traffic, Indeed also allows you to sponsor your job post to show higher up on the rankings. Connecting millions of people to new opportunities.

AR Jobs
Image Source: Indeed

5. Searching Relevant Hashtags On Social Media 

Social media and hashtags are a useful tool for networking, finding job opportunities, and sharing your own job search to get noticed by employers who are using social media to recruit. Many employers use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram to post jobs. Often, they will include various hashtags related to the position or the job search in these posts. Twitter also has a #HireFriday hashtag that some employers use. On Fridays, some companies will post job listings and include the #HireFriday hashtag.

XR Jobs hashtag

Professionals looking for roles can search on social media sites for particular hashtags related to job listings including #jobs and #jobsearch and to be narrow down the search even more, it is possible to search for exact job titles for example, #developerjobs or #ardeveloper and locations #NewYorkCity or #Ohio. 

As well as searching for jobs, professionals can make themselves visible to recruiters through their social media pages by using hashtags which promote their job search. For example, posting something related to their job search such as a message about work experience, or a link to a CV and include a relevant hashtag, such as #jobhunt, #employment, or #hireme.

Using these online platforms will help you get one step closer to finding your dream XR job, so get searching on MyXRJobs, browsing on Slack and posting with those all important hashtags on social media. 

Aug 20, 2020
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