dobe’s Augmented Reality add-on to Creative Cloud, Adobe Aero, was first launched at the 2019 Adobe MAX conference. The company has announced this week Aero 2.0, as well as a new desktop version of the application that is now entering public beta.

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Aero Desktop

Until the recent update, Aero has only been available publicly for iOS smartphones. But now, with the launch of Aero for Desktop app, developers are able to create and edit Augmented Reality content both on Mac and Windows desktop devices, although Android users should note that an iOS device is still required for viewing Augmented Reality content.

Aero for Desktop was developed to enhance productivity and precision for creators. The desktop version of the app allows developers to create a preview of what the AR experience will be and see it in fine detail on a larger monitor.  

The desktop version enables developers to directly access content from other apps, which consequently streamlines the process of importing, creating and editing AR experiences. In the official blog post, the writer stated: 

“You can see all the content that’s laid out on the canvas at one time, manage more sophisticated scenes, and make intricate design choices ... You can easily assemble scene assets and precisely edit their placement in a non-AR view, either before you test them in Aero mobile or while making adjustments to color and texture after prototyping in the real world environment on Aero mobile (iOS).”
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Image Credit: Adobe

Aero 2.0 New Features

In addition to the desktop beta, there has been an abundance of new features in the Adobe Aero app which were developed to amplify and evolve what creators are able to design and share in Augmented Reality. 

VP and Head of Augmented Reality at Adobe, Stefano Corazza stated: 

“This latest update of Adobe Aero will further democratize the creation of AR content, enabling creatives of all experience levels to design AR experiences without code… Aero’s new apps, on mobile and desktop, offer more control and precision than ever before with better interoperability—with other tools and across devices—and enabling new formats.”

Behance “Discovery” Tab

A new Discovery tab on iOS now showcases a collection of published Augmented Reality content by Aero developers. Users can publish their own Aero AR projects to their Behance profiles as well as testing out others by selecting a project on the Discovery tab, users will be able to bring to life the AR experience in their own surroundings. 

Multi-Track Animation

The recent upgrade also features the introduction of the multi track animations, enabling existing animations to be played sequentially, which the company hope will help developers to comprehensively animate their Augmented Reality experiences. Users can also enable 3D characters with pre-recorded animations to use in their projects. 

GIFs and PNGs

Aero 2.0 now enables developers to import GIFs and PNGs to enhance 2D animations in both the desktop and mobile applications. This includes the ability to set triggers to prompt content to play at specific times in AR experiences.


Publishing tools in Aero now includes share links, with the option to generate QR codes and add custom thumbnails, which can be shared and posted anywhere, allowing anyone with an iOS device to instantly access Augmented Reality experiences.

Oct 23, 2020
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