ow it could be just our imagination running wild, but the invite image for the WWDC 2021, set for June 7-11, has got our head spinning wondering if Apple is preparing to finally talk about its developments in augmented reality and virtual reality. More specifically, its well rumoured augmented reality glasses. 

Earlier this week, Apple announced that its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is returning on June 7 in an online-only format due to pandemic. However, the most intriguing segment of the announcement was the artwork Apple created to go along with it. 

Apple showcased three images, all showing a Memoji of a person staring at an Apple MacBook in awe. In all the images, that person is wearing glasses. The glasses appear to reflect various apps rotating on the screen as it opens. However after looking at the image several times, one could speculate that the glasses themselves are actually generating the apps on the lenses. (That's our best guess!). 

It has been rumoured for years now that Apple have been developing AR glasses and a VR headset. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that Cupertino will even launch its first foray into the technology by next year with an AR-VR headset that will utilise Sony’s micro OLED displays. According to Kuo, the product will cost around $1,000.  

Now all of this may just be speculation, the images for WWDC 2021 are also a throwback to last November’s event, where Apple debuted its first ARM-powered MacBooks. During the announcement, SVP Craig Federighi opened a MacBook and a rainbow glow was reflected on his face. 

Apple AR

However, we are still hopeful, and it would make sense to debut the AR glasses at WWDC. Doing so would encourage third-party developers to prepare software for the product and with a serious buzz around augmented reality technology at the moment, we believe now would be the perfect time. 

The WWDC 2021 begins June 7 -11, anyone can attend for free, virtually. 

Apr 2, 2021
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