pple is pulling augmented reality glasses out of futuristic cinema and into present-day reality. Soon, we can all feel like Tony Stark with his high-fashion AR sunglasses that show messages, notifications, and more. Instead of Stark Industries, however, the real-world tech equivalent, Apple, is developing the crazy cool eyewear. Thankfully, Apple departs from a Stark Industry comparison when it comes to weapons. Instead, Apple "arms" people with the most technologically advanced, useful, and just plain fun devices. The Apple AR glasses might be the most fun device yet. 

Apple Glasses Release Date

Rumor has it that Apple's AR hardware project could launch as early as Spring 2021. John Prosser, a trusted Apple leaker, revealed Apple's AR glasses in an exclusive video. This first leak dump included design, name, price, release date, and more details. Prosser believes Apple is aiming to release the AR glasses sometime in "March-June 2021.

However, other reputable sources estimate a 2022 launch, or even 2023. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman projects a 2023 release date based on a shift in plans due to internal differences. Nearly everyone can agree, though, that an Apple VR headset will precede Apple glasses by a fairly wide margin. Either way, AR hardware is expanding from handheld devices. 

Apple Gasses: AR Hardware and Features

Apple glasses are going to work in a similar way to Apple watches. A Bloomberg report explains that the AR lenses "are expected to synchronize with a wearer's iPhone to display things such as texts, emails, maps, and games over the user's field of vision." Other features likely include weather updates and calendar pop-ups. 

Apple Glasses release date
Image: Apple

Another rumor is certainly catching the attention of people who wear prescription glasses. Apple can't expect people who wear glasses to wear AR glasses over their prescription glasses. And apparently, Apple isn't expecting them to. Apple was recently awarded a patent by the USPTO for in-headset vision-correcting system. This system could eliminate the need to use AR glasses in conjunction with prescription lenses. Essentially, this patented technology can seemingly adjust AR lenses to the user's vision needs.

According to Jon Prosser, Apple will offer to add a prescription to AR glasses as a premium feature for $499. Customers will most likely be able to submit their prescription when ordering their AR glasses. According to The Vision Council, over 50% of all women and about 42% of men wear glasses. Overall, this prescription option expands Apple's customer base by 64%!

Not surprisingly, the marketing industry is already chomping at the bit. AR hardware, like Apple Glasses, presents a whole new advertising platform. By simply wearing the glasses, small printed ads to billboards could automatically come to life when the wearers look at them. AR Web Based Ideas offers endless marketing possibilities if merged with AR hardware. 

Apple Glasses Update

Current information isn't much more than rumors, but not for long. WWDC 2020 is now underway, with updates straight from Apple Park. So far, they are keeping the AR world in suspense, but it's doubtful they won't at least give a glimpse of Apple Glass projects in the works.

Jun 24, 2020
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