pple hosted the iPhone event on Tuesday and introduced its latest iPhone models, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Amongst other features, the latest smartphones sport the new LiDAR Scanner, which has been specifically designed for enhanced and more immersive Augmented Reality experiences. 

The LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) Scanner measures how long it takes for light to reach an object and reflect back and paired with the iPhone’s machine learning capabilities and dev frameworks together assist the iPhone to understand the world around us. The technology has been adapted for the iPhone 12 Pro model to enhance low-light photography, thanks to its ability to “see in the dark.”

Image Credit: Apple

Following the event, Snapchat confirmed that the company will be one of the first to put the latest technology to use in its iOS app for LiDAR powered Lens. 

The addition of LiDAR technology, can also be utilised by app developers to create accurate depth maps of a scene for object and room scanning, as well as speeding up Augmented Reality experiences so they feel more instantaneous. These enhancements provide improved home design tools, virtual shopping experiences and Augmented Reality games. 

Image Credit: Apple

The LiDAR allows for a more accurate placement of Augmented Reality objects, as the iPhone can assess the depth map of a room. Equipped with the new LiDAR Scanner, Snapchat is preparing to launch a LiDAR powered lens specifically for the iPhone 12 Pro models.

Snapchat are already leaders in creating some of the most innovative Augmented Reality photo filters in the industry, but now, with the LiDAR Scanner, those experiences are going to be more immersive than ever. Apple showcased some of Snapchat’s LiDAR powered features during the LiDAR section of the iPhone event, the Augmented Reality Lens within the Snapchat app showed flowers and grass engulf the table and floor, climbing up furniture and walls as well as  birds hovering toward the user’s face. 

The LiDAR Scanner picks up the depth of walls and cabinets to let the grass and flowers grow through the entire room, the birds also disappear behind the user and can land precisely on the users hand, without the LiDAR Scanner, the accuracy of this filter would not be achieved. 

Oct 15, 2020
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