lcohol already changes our perception of the world around us, but when you try these new AR cocktails, you’ll enter a whole new universe.  

An innovative digital art museum in Washington, D.C. Artechouse has teamed up with Colada Shop, Dolcezza, Maketto, and Thamee bars to create innovative and delicious AR cocktails.

Augmented reality cocktails

When asked about the recent collaboration, Co-Founder of Artechouse, Tati Pashtukova, stated:

“We wanted to be creative as to how we serve and support our community, and we are thrilled to work with our fellow D.C. area small business owners and creatives on this project”.

Pashtukova continued:

“Each of them brought their unique point of view and voice to this, and we truly feel it amplifies the experience. Having our small business community feel supported was a priority for this collaboration.”
augmented reality cocktails

The interactive To-Go mocktails and cocktails come packaged in a pouch with a QR code on the packaging. Buyers of the drink can scan the code with their smartphones through the Artechouse’s augmented reality app. Once the code has been scanned, the drink’s packaging designs will come to life and generate interactive floral graphics on the smartphone screen. The interactive design is modelled on Artechouse’s current exhibit, HANAMI: Beyond the Blooms. The installation was illustrated by Japanese artist Yuko Shimizu and features cherry blossom art. 

augmented reality cockails

Artechouse Director of Digital Strategies, Susan Kamenar said:

“It’s really to help bring the spirit of cherry blossom season to people no matter where they are, and to also bring innovative and interactive art to life beyond the space”. 
augmented reality drinks

The To-Go AR drinks come in four different flavours:

  • La Rumba by Maketto – rum, passion fruit, jasmine-palo santo syrup, lime
  • Applejack by Maketto – green apple, butterfly spirits vodka, boba jelly
  • Inle Bloom by Thamee – sake, lime, simple syrup, ginger and black pepper bitters, butterfly pea flower-infused vodka, dehydrated lime
  • Butterfly Limeade by Thamee (non-alcoholic) – butterfly pea flower, cucumber, mint, lime, sugar, basil seeds

Artechouse have added art to their drinks before, the same app was used at the gallery's bar to add interaction to all of its art. Artechouse aims to combine sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell to generate a full sensory experience.

Aug 18, 2020
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