hile most fans can’t get to a game at the moment, the Australian Football League (AFL) have deployed augmented reality into the Official AFL Live App to create an innovative way to both enhance the app and provide an interactive experience for their fans to enjoy. 

The AFL knows their fans interact with the app, when they are streaming the game, or checking the scores and ladder, or seeing the announcements for each team's line-up of players each week to see who is in, and who is out, this activity generates the most interest.

Taking the popular activities into consideration, the AFL updated the AFL Live Official App to give their fans a completely new and immersive way to interact with each of the clubs line up for the coming game, and with the adoption of 5G, the experience is only going to get better. 

To activate the interactive AR features, users of the app simply follow the prompts provided by the app and find a flat surface to activate the AR. The AR is completely interactive, users of the app are able to pinch their smartphone or tablet device to zoom in or out on the players and tap on them to see their stats projected onto a virtual big screen.

The new AR feature on the Official AFL App is an exciting frontier for the way the AFL brings sporting content to their fans. It builds upon a long and proud history of blending sport and technology together to bring the game to the fans in a new and better way. The introduction of AR joins a range of features that fans love within the app, including Live Pass; speed and distance analysis for each player via the Telstra Tracker; and the brilliant AFL Stats Pro, where fans can watch individual player highlights from any match to see every involvement of their favourite player.

These experiences show the power of 5G as it becomes more available to users. There is an overwhelming speed and bandwidth benefits that come from 5G availability, but the AFL are going one step further and fusing it with their innovative spirit to make experiences that have been teased for years a reality.

Sep 10, 2020
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