anada's largest communications company Bell, has recently announced a collaboration with TikTok Canada which enables TikTok users with Bell 5G to co-create with friends in real time. 

The new multi-user augmented reality experience Paint Portal, allows the TikTok community to paint together while physically apart. The experience is powered by Canada’s most awarded and fastest ranked 5G network. 

Senior Vice President of Products at Bell Mobility, Nauby Jacob, stated:

"The multi-user augmented reality aspect of Paint Portal is a global first and Bell is thrilled to be the first carrier in Canada to power this exciting new feature with 5G...This partnership is yet another example of how Bell 5G technology will enable new and unique ways for TikTok content creators to enhance their digital lives by sharing their stories, experiences and videos in new ways."

The Paint Portal augmented reality experience is best used with the faster speeds, higher bandwidth and lower latency of 5G to enable users in different locations to use AR brushes collaboratively. TikTok users will be able to co-create in real time while being able to see their own environment and the 3D AR painting at the same time. 

Paint Portal works with TikTok’s existing tools and effects, users are able to add text, music and stickers to their paintings before posting them to their accounts. Watchers are able to reply to and remix (Duet, Stitch) the original video for additional engagement among friends and followers.

Head of Distribution Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, North America at TikTok, Mike Gubman, commented:

"TikTok is a home for creative self-expression. We're continuously evolving our in-app tools and effects to help our users create content that is entertaining and builds connection through community," 

Gubman concluded by saying: 

"Partnering with Bell Mobility to bring Paint Portal, our first 5G and multi-user AR effect to TikTok, showcases the innovative culture that's being driven by Canadians. We're excited to see all the creative ways this effect is brought to life."

#Bell5GPaintPortal Hashtag Challenge

To celebrate the release of Paint Portal, Bell has partnered with Canadian creators @justinhopper, @kissyduerre, @dominosantantonio and @monikapilon to kick off #Bell5GPaintPortal, which launches on September 27 and will highlight all the creative ways the TikTok community can use the effect.

Creator Justin Hopper said, 

"The new paint brush effect is so futuristic, it opens up a whole new level of creativity. I've never had so much fun pranking my dad in my life! I was able to draw and collab with other creators halfway across the world on the same screen too, which blew my mind. The laughs from drawing together through AR were priceless!"
Sep 22, 2021
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