e’ve heard of AR try ons, but what about AR try outs? If you’re interested in augmented reality you’re probably aware of AR ‘try on’ experiences which use your smartphone camera to show what you would look like wearing clothing, accessories or shoes, to help influence you to buy it. But, have you heard of an AR try out experience? 

The very first AR try out experience has just been launched by sunglasses manufacturer, Bollé.

Who Are Bollé?

Bollé, established in 1888, delivers the highest quality of performance sunglasses, goggles, and helmets, with a particular strength in the specialty markets of snow sports, water sports, cycling, as well as eyewear that meets everyday needs and styles. Distributed and worn all over the world, Bollé are constantly refining a combination of fit, fashion and comfort, resulting in some of the freshest and most technologically advanced eyewear in the industry.

But like many retailers there is uncertainty, between closed storefronts, financial difficulty, and economic instability, retail is struggling. For manufacturers and retailers like Bollé, the situation is very real, and many consumers are skeptical of spending money on higher ticket items that they are unable to try on.

However, AR try on experiences are working to find a solution to this problem, as they allow the consumer to see how they would look wearing the sunglasses. But there is more sunglasses than meets the eye. It’s one thing to know how you look wearing them, but it's also important to know what it is like to see through them.

Louis Cisti, VP of Global Marketing at Bollé said in a press release shared:

“In the new normal of retail, Bollé recognises that safety is now the most important thing. Consumers demand shopping encounters that minimise physical interaction… However, when it comes to buying premium sunglasses, they still have high expectations and expect to see tangible benefits.”

This is where Bollé got inventive.

The AR Try Out Experience

Bollé thought about the issues faced in retail today and wanted to create an AR experience that would not only showcase how their glasses looked but also convey how they work. 

Bollé created the ‘Phantom’ Lenses which possess an extensive range of features that help the wearer see clearly in sunny climates but also other weather conditions like fog. With all the incredible technology integrated into these glasses, how they look like isn’t even half of the story. So, to really showcase these advanced sunglasses, Bollé decided to go one step beyond an AR try on experience to create an AR try out experience.

The AR Try Out experience is hosted on Instagram, currently one of the largest social media platforms hosting AR experiences. When the user finds the filter on Instagram, they can access the standard AR try on experience where they are able to see how they would look in the glasses. But once they flip to the front facing camera the filter is transformed into a try out experience which demonstrates to the user what the world would look like through Bollé’s Phantom lenses.

When testing the AR try out platform, the consumer is able to switch between filters to preview different Bollé lenses features, for example anti-fog and high contrast. Although the user of the filter cannot purchase the sunglasses directly through the experience, it will direct them to their nearest retailer.

Cisti went on to say:

“AR is routinely used for try-on and certainly enhances the buying experience. But AR for try-out, this is a first… Bollé’s AR try-out does all that heavy lifting. Shoppers get to see perceivable performance benefits before making a purchase.”

Finding Bollé’s AR Try Out Experience

For those interested in testing the Bollé AR try-out experience you can find it on Bollé’s website homepage

Jun 24, 2020
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