etween Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, we’re all familiar with custom AR filters. You may not have made the connection, but the wacky animal faces and makeup filters are all a form of augmented reality. Custom AR filters have been limited to big brand Apps, like the ones we just mentioned. But not anymore!

Custom Web AR Filters

Custom Web AR filters are now available to small and big brands alike. The latest technology is app-less, meaning they are not constrained to an app like Facebook or Instagram. Now any brand can give their audience the ability to use AR face filters by directing them to the experience URL-- hence, the name “Web” AR. The user’s camera will automatically activate, and the experience will begin. No app needed! (Did I mention that no app is needed?)

Examples of Custom AR Filters for Brand Marketing & Sales

Right now, the available examples of custom AR filters are limited to big brands. But we’re going to show you some of those examples so you can see what is possible with your brand now! With Web AR filters, you can create this same level of awesome but customize it completely to your brand. And soon, your brand will be used as a pioneering example of unforgettable AR Marketing.

L’Oreal Makeup Genius

The fashion and cosmetic industry were among the first to jump on the augmented reality train. L’Oreal Makeup Genius is the perfect example of how augmented reality can boost online sales by boosting customer confidence. When a customer is confident they found the perfect shade, they’re much more likely to add it to the cart!

Modiface AR Hair Coloration

Modiface is known as one of the pioneers in augmented reality marketing. Their hair coloration demo shows how the technology can be used in salons, or even in the grocery story aisle when customers are trying to decide on a color.

Ray-Ban Virtual Mirror

Ray-Ban customers can try-on sunglasses from the comfort of their home with custom AR filters. The sunglasses are correctly scaled and move with the user so they can see it from all angles. This AR app has been a huge hit and increased sales significantly. 

Gucci Try-On Shoes

Gucci elevated its online shopping experience by adding custom AR filters for different shoe designs and colors. It’s easy to use and adds another element of fun to shoe shopping! Best of all, it’s like having a 24/7 store in your living room.

Toyota Vehicle Demo

Toyota, to no surprise, found an innovative way to use custom AR filters as a brilliant salesperson tool. With their app, customers can see vehicle features overlaid on the actual vehicles themselves. But remember, you can now highlight a product the same way without an app with Web AR!

Sephora Virtual Artist

“Makeup has always been a kind of augmented reality.” Well, if that doesn’t explain why the makeup industry has embraced custom AR filters, I don’t know what will. There’s no denying the two go hand in hand.

YouTube Beauty Try-On

As one of the best marketing platforms in the world, YouTube has upped its game once again. Their “AR Beauty Try On” feature allows users to try on makeup they see while watching tutorials. They can even try on the makeup while watching the tutorial. 

Custom Web AR Filters

All of these examples were limited to expensively-produced applications. But custom AR Filters are now free to roam the world wide web. Now, you can do all of this and more with Web AR. If you want to give your customers a customized brand experience that boosts brand awareness and sales, start thinking about utilizing Web AR for your experience.

Jun 15, 2020
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