ucci are no strangers to incorporating innovative technology into their marketing strategies, Gucci‚Äôs Creative Director Alessandro Michele has a unique vision to combine the past with the contemporary, vintage with technology, the real with the virtual. Just last year the Gucci App introduced an interactive virtual AR ‚Äėtry on‚Äô, originally for their Ace trainers. Now Gucci has expanded the AR technology try ons and is available for use with the Gucci timepieces.¬†

The AR technology will allow Gucci to showcase their latest models of watches to lovers of the luxury fashion brand and create an engaging experience for viewers and an opportunity to interact and virtually try on the beautiful watches. 

To create the AR watch try on, Gucci teamed up with Wannaby, who also created the AR shoe try on. This initiative is the first official release of newly developed watch functionality. When using the app, shoppers will pick the watch of their choice on screen, point their smartphone camera towards their wrist and virtually try on the timepiece through AR technology. 

Gucci watch try on

To date, Gucci is the first fashion brand to utilise markerless watch AR technology on its App. With the innovative AR virtual try on, app users can interact and explore how the Gucci watch will look on their wrist and really imagine what it's like to wear one without the need for any specialised equipment, apart from a phone..

The AR technology allows customers to virtually ‚Äėtry on‚Äô the G-Timeless automatic watch, a Swiss-made G-Timeless features a stone dial decorated with the House‚Äôs famous bees, first introduced to Gucci in the 1970s, which function as the indexes that mark each hour. A transparent case back gives a glimpse of the automatic movement that powers the timepieces. The G-Timeless watch will be joined by other watches on the app shortly.¬†

The app is available on iOS and is linked to the Gucci website, where app users will be able to click through to the website and immediately purchase the watch of their choice, and if you’re just dreaming of owning a Gucci watch, users are able to take pictures of themselves virtually wearing their favourite watch and can share it with their friends on their social media platforms.  

Aug 15, 2020
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