ucci have released a new AR tool on Snapchat which allows users to virtually try on Gucci shoes in the app.

Earlier this month, Snapchat announced a collection of new features for brands earlier this month, including AR shoe try on lenses as well as Local Lenses which display a virtual world built right on top of your town, and a ‘Scan’ feature, which allows users to identify everything from dogs to plants. 

The first big brand to utilise Snapchat’s new features is Gucci, who have created their shoe try-on lens, allowing users to virtually try on four pairs of its shoes.

Shoppers are then able to purchase the shoes directly through the app using Snapchat’s ‘Shop Now’ button, 

Snapchat Gucci AR try on Experience
Image Credit: Gucci

When asked about the recent collaboration with Gucci, Snapchat’s Head of Fashion and Beauty, Selby Drummond said: 

“Gucci has always been an incredibly innovative partner… They approach every Snapchat activation with the same creativity they are known for in their designs, and we know that when we come to them with new opportunities they will understand immediately the power of our technology and audience.”

Drummond went on to say: 

“Snapchatters are actively looking for more and more ways to engage with brands on our platform, and we’re so excited to help partners like Gucci connect with them during this time… The entire industry knows that augmented reality try-on is going to be incredibly important to the future of commerce, and after many years of investing in the space, we’re proud to share it with Snapchatters alongside a brand that they love.”

The Gucci shoe try on is now available for shoppers in the UK, US, France, Italy, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia.

Jul 16, 2020
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