iscovering new music from up and coming acts used to mean flipping through vinyl at the local music shop or scouring local pubs and clubs to see who was playing. It took time, dedication, and even a bit of luck.

But now a new AR app, [nofollow]Hipster Bait, plans to recreate the classic era of discovering music and exposing the user to new rock n’ roll artists and bands through a location based AR experience, similar to Pokémon GO.

Artists and bands unreleased music are hidden as digital files throughout the real world. Using the Hipster Bait app, the user explores their town in search of the AR “Bait Cassettes”. When a cassette is discovered, the user can listen to the track and give it a rating. When the user is finished, they have the option to add it to their ‘cassette box’ where they can listen to it anytime. 

Once the user is ready to move on, it's now their turn to reset the trap where they can take the Bait Cassette they just found and hide it in a new location for the next music lover to find, listen to and review. The aim of this is to help the artist or band get additional exposure and reach new audiences. This also gives the user the opportunity to listen to new music before anyone else. Who knows? You might even help a band get their big break!

Hipster Bait focuses on underground rock n’ roll, so if you’re an artist or in a band fits this genre, getting your music on Hipster Bait couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is simply submit your songs to the official website. New song submissions are being accepted beginning July 17th.

Now don’t be too disheartened if your music doesn’t fit into this category, Hipster Bait are currently considering adding some subgenres of rock, and maybe one day other genres might make their way onto this unique AR platform. 

If you’re considering submitting your music to Hipster Bait, there are a couple of things you should know about.

Firstly, the song has to be unreleased, it can’t be available anywhere in digital or physical form and it must remain that way for the first two weeks on Hipster Bait.

The name of the artist or band will be kept anonymous for the first two weeks on Hipster Bait, this is so it lets the song stand on its own without local, regional, or national buzz. 

You can tell your fans that there is new music on Hipster Bait, but you can't tell them which Cassette it is. Make them work for it, it's part of the game! 

After the first two weeks, Hipster Bait will lift the veil of secrecy and announce the artist or band’s name through their website, social media, and newsletter. Your logo will also be added to the Hipster Bait artist’s page. You can then release the music on your usual streaming channels. 

Hipster Bait also allows the artist or band to download an email list of people who found their Bait Cassette. After four weeks, the music will be removed from Hipster Bait, but the artist or band profile page will remain on the website. At this point the artist or band is able to submit another unreleased track and start the whole thing all over again.

To keep up momentum on the growing app, Hipster Bait will release new Bait Cassettes every week and hide them around the U.S. for music lovers to search for. During the early beta testing 75% of artists on Hipster Bait reported an increase in traffic on streaming sites that hosted their music after someone found their AR Bait Cassette.

In an official press release, Co-founder of Hipster Bait, Michael Tension stated:

“Great music tracks are getting laid down everyday but it’s harder than ever to get that music out to people and make a living while doing it... As artists, we can’t rely solely on the algorithms of over-crowded streaming services. We need to find new ways for fans to experience music.”

Hipster Bait has so much potential for boosting the profiles of new up and coming artists and bands, and creating a new and interactive way to get new music into the hands of music lovers. So turn up the amp, tighten those drums, and get your music out there!

Jul 7, 2020
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