n major Web-based XR news, Niantic has brought its visual positioning system (VPS) to the 8th Wall platform with Lightship VPS for Web. Niantic's 8th Wall has featured a selection of demo experiences from a variety of Lightship VPS for Web Private Beta participants from a range of creative studios that have developed experiences to showcase how the technology can be used.

Credit: Niantic, 8th Wall

One of the Beta participants and leading WebXR agency Aircards showcased their experience, Toucan Play That Game! A fun coconut shooter game that tasks users to toss coconuts at targets as fast as they can. Once users knock all of the targets down, Toucan's secret stash of Coconuts falls from his treehouse onto the ground!

Michael Watson, COO at Aircards said:


VPS enables us to place 3D content into the real-world using Augmented Reality with incredible positional accuracy. It unlocks the ability to create highly immersive location-based AR experiences.

One of the most exciting features that Lightship VPS for Web is the opportunity for Collision and Occlusion within WebAR experiences. Demonstrated in Toucan Play This Game physics, the coconuts can impact with real-world features such as rocks, walls, bushes and trees. They can also roll along the floor, following the natural contour of the real-world floor. This kind of functionality helps to really push the immersive feeling of WebAR/VR experiences to another level.

Alongside collision and occlusion with the real-world, Lightship VPS for Web also unlocks accurate geo-located AR experiences which will help to push forward Niantic's vision for the Real-world Metaverse.

Sep 22, 2022
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