he Nreal Light mixed reality glasses, also known as the U+ Real Glass, are due to be shipped to Korea this month alongside the newly announced Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20. The glasses are being sold by LG Uplus as a standalone device for 699,000KRW (around $586) or in a bundle deal with the new Galaxy Note 20 or LG Velvet and a 5G data plan for 349,500KRW (around $295). Preorders open on the 11th August and the mixed reality glasses will be available in store from the 21st August. 

The Nreal Light is a lightweight, sunglasses style headset which connects to a separate computing device, in this case, the Galaxy Note 20.  The advanced headset uses spatial tracking and virtually projected images to overlay apps onto the real world. The Nreal team state that it is a more spacious alternative to using a smartphone while playing games, watching videos or scrolling through websites. The headset promises to support Chrome, Instagram and Facebook among many other apps. 

Nreal AR Glasses
Source: Nreal

Customers who purchase the retail version of the mixed reality glasses will receive a selection of different size nose clips to fit different face shapes as well as an insert to make the glasses black, this is called a VR cover which will block the users outside vision to allow for a clearer picture. 

Previously, Neral had shipped a developer kit, costing around $1,199, which included a controller and a mini computer. The latest version designed for consumers will use a smartphone based control system to activate the AR. Along with the latest update, Nreal also announced that it will be adding hand tracking to the glasses in the near future.

Aug 12, 2020
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