n a recent press release, Nutanix, a cloud computing company that sells hyper-converged infrastructure software, cloud services, and software-defined storage teamed up with the innovative web-based AR agency Aircards to create an immersive AR virtual expo stand.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has put a stop to conferences and events around the world, the Nutanix team wanted to bring their conference stand right into the homes of their audience and asked WebAR agency Aircards to create and deliver a virtual expo experience using cutting edge web-based AR. 

The AR experience featured a full stand which their audience could place within their own environment and physically walk around to explore all that Nutanix has to offer. The experience also features multiple interactive touch points which have been integrated into the scene, each featuring high production value video content and associated 3D buttons to learn more about the Nutanix products. 

Due to the pandemic, physical conferences and events are going to be cancelled for the foreseeable future, many businesses are looking for new, innovative and unique ways to connect with their audience in a meaningful way. 

Implementing WebAR into a marketing strategy allows brands to get the full benefit of this powerful technology and unlock immersive 3D content with no app to download. WebAR is also widely compatible with most smartphones and with all WebAR experiences, the Nutanix virtual event can be activated via a variety of methods, including linking from social media, website and QR code scanning. 

Innovative organisations like Nutanix have been proactive in an effort to engage their audience in a fresh new way and reached out to Aircards and Dubai-based partner CXO Strategies to deliver an immersive virtual alternative to a standard event experience. 

When asked about the recent project with Nutanix, Head of Operations at Aircards, Michael Watson stated:¬†‚Äć

‚ÄúIt was a pleasure to work with Nutanix and our key partner in the Middle East, CXO Strategies, on this virtual event experience. All stakeholders were delighted with the final result which allows Nutanix to continue to engage their audience with high quality, immersive content in the absence of physical global event attendance.‚ÄĚ‚Äć

WebAR’s overriding unique feature is that no app download is required to view an AR experience. It all simply takes place in the mobile web browser of any compatible iOS or Android device, significantly lowering the barrier to entry as compared to app-based AR experiences of the past. 

WebAR agency Aircards, based in Newcastle UK, are no strangers in providing seamless WebAR experiences to global IT giants having previously worked with Dell Technologies to create a virtual event experience featuring an immersive 3D portal as well as working with consumer goods giants Unilever and Pot Noodle, where Aircards created a WebAR careers fair for students as a replacement for their live event.

View the video demo of the WebAR experience for Dell Technologies:

About Aircards: Market-leading provider of WebAR marketing campaigns for Enterprise brands, including recent high-profile launches with Dell Technologies, Unilever (Pot Noodle) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Aircards provides an end-to-end service - from ideation to development and hosting. WebAR powered by 8th Wall, built by Aircards.

Aug 5, 2020
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