n orthopaedic spine surgeon at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is the first in Ohio to use an augmented reality guidance system during open and minimally invasive spine implant procedures.

The Augmedics Xvision Spine System enables surgeons to simultaneously view overlaid images of a patient’s spine while looking at the patient on the operating table. The surgeon wore an augmented reality headset which displays the position of surgical tools in real time and superimposes them on the patient’s imaging data.

Orthopaedic spine surgeon at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center and professor of orthopaedics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Dr. Safdar Khan stated:

“While viewing a 3D model of a patient’s spine, I can plan my surgical approach in a more precise manner using smaller incisions… Operating in a more efficient manner has the potential to decrease the length of spine surgery and the use of anesthesia.”

By utilising this technology, the surgeon is able to keep their focus on the patient while using the image guidance system, rather than having to look away from their patient to see a screen displaying the patient’s anatomy. The augmented reality system may also reduce surgeon exposure to radiation during the operation. 

Khan concluded by saying:

“The addition of augmented reality to the full complement of complex spinal care available at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center will enhance our clinical team’s ability to develop an effective, personalized treatment plan for patients… Our aim is to diagnose pain and help patients achieve the highest level of function possible.”
Sep 15, 2021
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