hartered insurance broker Partners& has announced the release of its augmented reality portal. The portal provides private clients and businesses with access to a range of cyber security information.

The CyberSpace portal is an exhibition stand for the company’s products and services, featuring videos, fact sheets, and downloadable content that can help families and business organisations mitigate the risks of cyberattacks.

To access the Partners& CyberSpace portal, users simply scan a QR code to enter. The portal was created by leading WebXR agency Aircards, with the concept developed by Partners& Marketing Manager Millie Smith.

Smith stated:

“I knew if we were talking about cutting edge issues like cyber risk and security, we needed to be presenting it in a way that showed we were comfortable in a high-tech environment… We’re dealing with fast-moving, ever-changing issues here and AR felt like the right medium to deliver that message to our clients.”

Once users enter the portal, they are greeted by Partners& Risk Management Partner Matthew Clark, who will serve as a “3D hologram virtual concierge.” Users are able to interact with Clark where they answer questions and guide users to different areas of the portal. According to Partners&, virtual concierge element is thought to be the first of its kind in the AR sector.

Clark said: 

“The threats posed by cyber risk aren’t limited to companies and organisations anymore… Families and individuals are coming to terms with identity theft, online fraud, and privacy breaches, too.”

He concluded by commenting:

“As an advice-led consultancy, we’ve developed CyberSpace, a rich source of advice, tools, risk management and insurance products, designed to help our clients to keep their families safe online, as well as protect their businesses against cyber intrusion.”
Oct 11, 2021
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