interest is enhancing its virtual makeup try-on experience with an innovative augmented reality feature which allows users to virtually try on different shades of eyeshadow. The initial offering from Pinterest features over 4,000 shades from brands including, YSL, Urban Decay, Lancome and NYX Professional Makeup

augmented reality makeup try on

The augmented reality virtual makeup try-on allows users to experiment with new shades of eyeshadow and filter the product search results by factors like colour, price range and brand with an option to purchase the product directly through a CTL embedded in Pinterest. Users can also save it to a board, or browse a “more like this” section to find more Pins offering similar shades.

The feature utilises Pinterest’s existing Lens visual search technology and it is rumoured that Pinterest is also incorporating elements from data partner ModiFace, including digitisation parameters that ensure the products recognised are mapped to ModiFace’s database for higher-quality rendering.

AR makeup try on

This is not Pinterest’s first augmented reality makeup feature, the company has previously launched an AR try-on experience for lipstick over a year ago, which has grown to include 10,000 shades from brands including NARS, bareMinerals and Estée Lauder.

The addition of the eyeshadow try-on now allows users to experiment with both eyeshadows and lipsticks together, a toggle that lets users switch between lipstick and eyeshadow to try on multiple products at once, creating show stopping looks to try in the real world. 

Pinterest AR try on

Due to the advances in augmented reality technology, AR powered virtual makeup experiences have grown in use and popularity over the last few years including the L’Oréal Live Try-On on its website and its partnership with Facebook to bring virtual makeup to the site. Google has also entered the augmented reality virtual makeup space, with the initial launch of a feature on YouTube, which enabled beauty influencers to incorporate an AR try-on experience for products in their videos. More recently, Google launched a virtual makeup try-on within Google Search, in partnership with ModiFace.

Pinterest has made the augmented reality virtual makeup try-on free to brands who want to create visual shopping experiences and reach customers earlier in their decision-making process. 

virtual makeup try on

In a recent press release, one Pinterest spokesperson explained:

“As we make Pinterest more shoppable through products like AR Try on, the platform becomes more engaging and actionable to Pinners, which can result in increases in usage and click-through of ads…. Organic features like Try on and ingestion of catalogs to create product Pins can oftentimes complement a paid strategy where brands drive traffic across the site,”.
Pinterest augmented reality

The virtual try-on could not have come at a better time with many stores remaining closed due to the pandemic, shoppers are taking to the internet to get their beauty products and with this new way of “trying on” makeup, shoppers will be sure to find their perfect shade. 

virtual make up try on

Pinterest claims that the augmented reality features are converting undecided shoppers to customers. From 2020 statistics, Pinterest found that users would try on an average of six lipstick shades and were five times more likely to show purchase intent on try-on compared with standard Pins.

The new augmented reality eyeshadow virtual try-on is now live using the Lens camera in the Pinterest app for iOS and Android.

Jan 25, 2021
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