napchat announce new partners, [nofollow]Siwalu Software, to launch their AI-powered animal recognition technology within the popular social media app.

When was the last time you saw a cute puppy on the street and wanted to find out what breed it was?

Well, Snapchat are releasing a new in-app AR filter to help identify breeds in real-time for all of those curious fellow pupper-lovers out there.

Snapchat Dog Technology
Image: Snapchat

The initial technology roll-out will focus on identifying dog breeds. Users can simply tap and hold the Snapchat filter while pointing at your dog of choice, with the results of the animal displayed directly in real-time.

Co-found and CEO of Siwalu Software GmbH said:

‚ÄúWith more than 229 million daily active users, integrating our technology into Snapchat is a great opportunity to bring AI-based animal recognition to more people‚ÄĚ

Snapchat has been a pioneer in the Augmented Reality space, helping to drive mainstream adoption of the technology so it’s no surprise that they are looking to integrate technology like Artificial Intelligence to deliver ever-increasing complex and engaging experiences in-app.

With Instagram hot on their tail in the Augmented Reality filter space, this is just another string to Snapchat’s bow to continue innovating and keep users engaged. 

Jun 23, 2020
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