he Glimpse Group, Inc. a diversified Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platform company providing enterprise focused solutions. Earlier this week the company announced an internal initiative which focuses on utilising robust technologies, software and services of its subsidiary companies towards a new enterprise focused vertical including Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Crypto segments.

The new platform comes as a natural extension of its existing software solutions, Glimpse is launching VR and AR software and services specifically targeting the Crypto/NFT industry segments, including, a high-end multi-user VR art gallery space, an AR based NFT display system and services for the creation of super high resolution NFT assets.

Glimpse's Chief Creative Officer DJ Smith, commented:

"The topic of cryptocurrency has been discussed for several years and, more recently, the closely related concept of NFTs has emerged. NFTs are digital "one of a kind" assets that use the blockchain to certify ownership and could potentially become key assets over time via the utilisation of VR and AR technologies. While still in their infancy, Glimpse is excited to support the growth of NFT and Crypto industries with new, and potentially enabling, AR and VR based Enterprise focused visualisation tools."
Sep 1, 2021
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